Tuesday, May 27, 2014

World of Hero -- Memorial Day Weekend Update

Slowly I'm working my way through my World of Hero story -- I spent the Memorial Day weekend on it.  This is a much, much larger Grandpa Anarchy story than my usual -- possibly my longest.  At this point I have a finished version of World of Hero 1 - Save The Girl at 4,079 words, a finished version of World of Hero 2 - Going Off Script at 2,425 words, and a finished version of World of Hero 3 - Rude Awakening at a whopping 7,386 words.  I'm working on the last chapter of the story, but while I have a lot of ideas for early scenes, I'm not entirely sure what the ending will be, or how long  this chapter will wind up being.

I don't know if the chapters I've provided really mark natural breaks in the story.  I'm unsure of a lot of things at this point, but I do know that the new story is better than the original, which was abysmal.  The new version may still have a lot of problems, though.  But getting a finished rewrite of the entire story is the first step in finally reworking this story into something worth reading.  I'm hoping to finish this week, and maybe even finishing Return to Amethyst 3 - Spirits of Stone.  This would get two of my longest Grandpa Anarchy stories done, which would be a huge relief.  That would leave only Second Class as a very long story Grandpa Anarchy that I've started but haven't come nearly close to finishing.

As for World of Hero, I'm still uncertain whether the story hangs together, but I think I've addressed some of those concerns.  Right now the best thing I can do is get to the finish, then go back an decide how well it works.  So that's my goals for the rest of the week:  finish World of Hero, then finish Return to Amethyst.  So I guess that pushes any Tai-Pan story work into the first part of June.

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