Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of 2015 Update

Here were my goals for the year:

1.  Write two Grandpa Anarchy Stories Each Month.

What I did:


March 5:  Permit
March 7:  Abjure the Realm of No Return


March 25:  Superdrone
March 31:  Dream A Little Dream


April 1:  The Shadow Out of Joe's Mouth
April 2:  Elementary


April 3:  Whom the Mad Would Destroy
April 3:  Consuming Passion


April 4:  Substitute
April 5:  Godzilla Was An Artist


April 19:  Avatar Bazaar
April 19:  Old


April 28:  Girls of Two-Fisted Justice
April 29:  Walpurgisnacht


April 30:  Asphalt Cemetery
May 3:  The Heart of a Girl


May 10:  Lessons
May 10:  Number One


May 12:  The Trauma You've Been Craving
Dec 20:  Conspiracy Clause

So it looks like I fell 4 stories short of my goal.  Ah well.

2.  Finish Three Tai-Pan Stories.

I did nothing -- worked on some stories but got nowhere.

3.  Finish the third "magical girl" arc for Girl's School, and try to wrap things up.

I wrote over 50,000 words in November for NaNoWriMo, but the third magical girl arc is still not quite done.  I wrote a lot of stuff that happens after it, because that was easier.  :P

4.  Write 1 short story set in my Otherworld Blues universe.

I plotted a lot of stuff for Camp NaNoWriMo in July but ultimately I wrote nothing much.

5.  Publish Book One of my Grandpa Anarchy stories, edit 2nd book, assemble stories for 3rd book.

I did nothing.

List of stories I intend to work on:

Grandpa Anarchy Stories

World of Hero:  3 of 4 parts finished, but it's a mess.  Needs a rewrite.
Second Class (working title):  I did a lot of work on this in eary January, nothing since.
Unpossible:  No progress.
Serial Anarchy:  This is the Grandpa Anarchy novel I started in November.
Gate Into Danger:  A SG1-themed story that I meant to write this year.

Conspiracy Clause:  I actually wrote this one!  ^_^

Fan Fiction

Girl's School, Third Magical Girl Arc (Kahotep Adventure).
I Can See Clearly Now.
A Goddess In Oz.

Other Original Fiction

Otherworld Blues Stories, Jubel In Oz.

Tai-Pan Stories

Bitch, Chance Encounter, Blanking the Lady (variations), Zesh and the Bitted Throug.