Saturday, May 3, 2014

Camp NaNo Aftermath, Part1: There Is No Try

I want to finish the three stories that I didn't manage to write in April, so today I got up and finished There Is No Try.  This turned into yet another physical and philosophical confrontation between Grandpa Anarchy and Kid Calculus, with a sidekick called Kollateral Damage.

My goal for the weekend is to finish at least one other story -- Past Life Sister, for which I don't have an idea or plot yet, and Grandpa Anarchy The Musical Act Two, which is fully plotted.  But today is also a Tai-Pan workday, so I will probably spend the afternoon trying to write something in the Tai-Pan universe instead.

My longer-range goal for the coming week would be to also finish Return To Amethyst Part Three.  I have some ideas for new stories I'd like to work on too.  For one, Kid Calculus should probably finally change his name -- maybe to Emperor Calculus, or something similar.  That might merit a new story.  For two, I still have the option of creating a new superhero team called the Iron Maidens or something similar if I choose.  I have some ideas for who would be in it -- maybe they're just a minor team like the superpowered maid service, I haven't decided.

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