Monday, April 1, 2019

Camp NaNoWriMo April 2019 - Day One

I haven't posted anything to my writing blog in ages, so here's a quick recap:

In March 2018 I attempted to write a short story a day for Magical Girl March, and I mostly succeeded.  I continued writing into April to finish up my list of 31 stories, and I also completed Camp Nanowrimo for April which meant writing other Grandpa Anarchy stories.  However around this time I picked up the game Pokemon Go, and stopped writing or posting to my Grandpa Anarchy website.  I did not publish the last three magical girl stories, partly because I wanted to rewrite the big showdown story and I never did.

I've written very little since.  I tried to participate in Camp Nanowrimo for July and in regular Nanowrimo for November, but I accomplished nothing.  I continued to jot down story ideas and attempt to work on stories but got nowhere.  I worked on a Christmas ghost story that I'd begun in 2017, but I didn't get very far on it.  I began editing my volume 2 stories this spring and took a real mess of a story called Solar Sister and the Disco Trolls of Doom and tried to break it into two or three stories.  I wrote one new story out of this called Name Game that I didn't like very much, and I ultimately planned to write about four or five disco troll stories to replace the original one -- I imagine them as variations on a theme in the same way most of my Death Medal stories have been -- but I didn't get far on them.

(But I love the story titles:  Disco Inferno, Hot Stuff, Dancing Queen, and Get Down Tonight.)

I've placed a LOT of story ideas into my volume 11 folder (my current "working" stories folder).  I also created a volume 14 folder, "Grandpa Anarchy on Vacation", which was going to be my July 2018 Camp Nanowrimo project, consisting of stories in which Grandpa Anarchy is on vacation with two of his old friends and various former sidekicks take over as substitute Grandpa Anarchys in the meantime.  Even though I got nowhere on that project, the idea that Grandpa Anarchy has been on vacation over the last year that I haven't been writing is even more appealing to me now.

Anyway it's the first day of April 2019, first day of Camp Nanowrimo, and my goal is to simply complete some of the story ideas that I've had over the last year.  Today I'm attempting to tackle one of my more ambitious ideas:  a story in which the Literary Lemur uses a literary device known as Oulipo to craft his clues, and the conceit was that I would write one short confrontation scene five different times in five different styles, which is one possible Oulipo device.  This in itself is likely to be difficult, and to keep the story short even more difficult, but the fact that I'm employing a very verbose villain and also adding in a sidekick known as the Etymological Kid may make it impossible.  We'll see.

Other story ideas that I've created or worked on in 2019 and may complete this month:  Escape Goat, Virus, Punch 'Em All, To Punch A Hitler, I'm Not Saying It's Aliens, Die Glocke, Just Don't Care, When You're Dead, and Mission Briefing.