Monday, July 17, 2017

Writer's Night for July 2017

Saturday night was writer's night at Gene and Mike's new place.  The theme was "Insane Pie Night" in honor of Mike and Gene discovering during their move that they had something in excess of 10 pie servers, which Mike said would only be required if you had an Insane Pie Night.  So they did --  I'm pretty sure they had about 10 different pies.  (To be fair, some were half-pies or quarter-pies, one was a shepherd's pie dinner, one was a lime tart that Kristin brought.)

It was one of our biggest nights in a very long time.  Sky & Jwyl were there, Chuck was there, Kristin and Quinn, Edd, CD, Jeff, Keith, me and Gene and Mike of course.  We had a lot of people with things to read too -- Chuck had something, Gene had something, Quinn had something, Keith had something, I always have something of course but since we had so much other stuff I didn't wind up reading anything.

Quinn had a short script for two people that he'd been working on that week.  It was the second draft but we felt it still needed more work.  I think he got some good ideas of how to improve it though.

Keith had a very long story that he's read part of before -- a kind of fantasy murder mystery.  I really like the idea and the setting but there were definitely problems with it, especially with descriptive setting and descriptions of things in general, and in voices of different characters actually sounding different.  That's something I struggle with sometimes too.  I hope he works on this more though, it's a cool idea.

Gene read a story that was very good but was not finished.  This was his story on the theme of "Insane Pie Night".  I'd promised to write a story on the same theme but I'd failed to get much of anything done.  Anyway, no real complaints about Gene's story aside from it not being finished.

Chuck read a new story that wasn't finished -- another of his stories relating to the war between Dogonia and Bananaland.  I liked quite a bit of it but I kind of had to agree with Gene that the conflict, if any, wasn't clear from the beginning.

I didn't get any writing done on the weekend other than tweaking a couple of my stories from last week.  I still want to write my Insane Pie story because I've got a clearer picture of where I want to go with it.  I want to write at least 3-4 new stories this week.  So far Camp NaNoWriMo for July has not been terribly productive for me -- I finished one story the first week, then three last week, but nothing since Thursday.  I want to do better this week, and then maybe I'll feel like I'm accomplishing something.