Sunday, May 18, 2014

May Goals: The Rest of May

To review, my goals for the first fifteen days of May were:

Goals For May 15

1.  Finish my three remaining stories from Camp NaNo:  Done.  (Past Life Sister, There Is No Try, and Grandpa Anarchy the Musical Act Two.

2.  Finish one of the following stories:  Return to Amethyst Part Three (needs title)UnpossiblePerformance Review, World of Hero.  Nearly done -- still fighting my way to the finish of Return to Amethyst Part Three:  Spirits Of Stone, but the end is in sight.  It's a long story and will need to be edited quite a bit also I think.

3.  One new Grandpa Anarchy story a week.  Done.  What I've written this month, with brand new stories bolded:

May 3:  There Is No Try
May 5:  Distracted By The Sexy
May 6:  Family Tree
May 8:  Where's My Supersuit?
May 9:  Grandpa Anarchy the Musical Act Two
May 10:  Past Life Sister.

4.  First chapter of one of the following:   Jubel in Oz, or Zesh and the Bitted Throug, or Chance Encounter.  This I did not accomplish.

Goals For May 31

So my plan for the rest of the month is as follows:

1.  Finish Return To Amethyst Part Three:  Spirits Of Stone

2.  Write / Finish A Tai-Pan Story

3.  Work On A Few Newer Grandpa Anarchy Ideas:  Gate Into Danger is one I want to finish.  I also want to maybe work on a brand new Spam King story involving a Nigerian Prince.  A quick search tells me that the "what if the Nigerian Prince is real and really does need my help" joke has been done many times, so I need to think up a more surprising third angle for my story.  I also have in mind a few stories where Grandpa and company battle undead, followed by another story involving the Iron Maidens of the Zombie Apocalypse, who never get called in for any of these battles.

That's about it for my goals.  Although really I need to start doing something about getting my book ready to publish....

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