Sunday, May 4, 2014

Iron Maidens and Kings: Story Ideas

Stargates:  I've been mainlining Stargate: SG1 this weekend -- I watched about six or so episodes.  One thing that occurred to me was that the extras on that show had to change the set around for the second stargate for just about every episode -- set it up in a new location, make it look like a different world.  I actually noticed this because after about six episodes they do an entire episode in which you don't see the stargate on the other world.  It's like they decided, "Yeah, you've seen how it works, you've got the idea, we don't even need to show it to you.  Give the extras who set it up an easy week."

Anyway all of this has got me thinking about Grandpa Anarchy stories as usual.  I haven't done a "stargate" or "jump gate" style episode yet.  Oh, there's lots of stories that involve Kid Calculus and his ability to gate about in time and space, but other than that, no specific story in which Grandpa and his sidekick use a stargate to visit another world, per se.  Although I'm sure they have.

Alien Parasites:  I've also been thinking about parasitic aliens, and how far back does that trope go?  Because it seems to me that it's a distinctly modern one -- even if it isn't really, the impression is that the Alien movie kind of set a new bar for that kind of alien horror story.  Grandpa comes from an era when aliens were something you could shoot with a pistol or laser carbine.  At least, I think he'd argue so.

The Villain Team-Up:  I read a review of the Amazing Spiderman 2 (tl;dr:  it's good enough, but not great, just like the previous one) and I started hearing Grandpa Anarchy in my head, explaining (just like the review did) why team-ups don't work well and especially villain team-ups.  Kind of genre meta-commentary of the sort Grandpa Anarchy sometimes engages in, that confuses those around him.  He's been at this hero thing so long that he sees all the tropes, he revels in the tropes, he depends on the tropes, he complains when the tropes do not go according to plan.  I went ahead and created a story file for this one -- which I should be doing with the two ideas above as well.

The Iron Maidens:  I haven't actually decided if I want to name my new supergroup this or not.  They are really "chicks in chainmail" rather than maidens in iron armor.  Searching for a good title for such a story, and possibly a better team name, I tried out Wrathchild (former name of the Iron Maiden all-female tribute band the Iron Maidens), Eiserne Jungfrau (German for Iron Maiden), and a few other options.  I settled on Distracted By The Sexy as the story title -- this is a TV Trope title heading, of which "Chainmail Bikini" is a sub-trope, so I have my story idea file now, consisting of a title and a few ideas.

My plan has been for the two sidekicks who appear in Iron Maiden Surprise to decide to form the group.  These two are Anime Hair Girl (no known powers other than the distinctive hair) and Non-Sequitur Lass, who also doesn't have any special powers but has the fun schtick of saying random things out of the blue.  But put them in magical battle bikini armor, and viola, super powers!

There are four sets of the bikini armor in the story, and I haven't decided if the third woman who wore the armor (Rowena, Witch of the Westmerelands) would still be around and/or a member of the team.  I have an idea that they would recruit other female sidekicks from Grandpa Anarchy's recent past, including possibly Blah Blah Ginger (yet another female sidekick with no special powers, but a fun schtick to play with -- she never pays attention or hears anything others say, and this nearly qualifies as a super power in its own right) and possibly Abike, Daughter of Shango, who is a bona-fide superheroine, being half-goddess, invulnerable, and able to call down lightning.  The question is, would she want to join their group, and if she did, she wouldn't need the battle bikini would she?

Anyway, still mulling this idea.  I think one of my instincts is that a bunch of B-list sidekicks without any real powers except the battle armor they've found would need a leader to be in charge, but I'm not sure if any of them are dynamic enough to assume that role.  Which is possibly why I'm considering adding Abike.  I'd also consider one of several other former sidekicks -- Spirit Summoner Shaman Sally is a good choice, but I keep thinking she should be teaming up with the other two magical girls I've used before.  Then there are several female sidekicks who really seemed to have their act together:  Punk Rock Girl, Broad Spectrum, Retro Girl, Cell Site Girl, Hard Hat Holly.  Most of them, however, are wedded to their current costumes, or their names no longer work.
And then I keep thinking, I should team Distractigirl with Non-Sequitur Lass and Blah Blah Ginger, and put Anime Hair Girl in charge.  They're supposed to be a minor superhero team after all.

Super Scientists:  Aristotle appears in my Amphibiad Trilogy (or at least, a version of Aristotle).  Archimedes and Nikolai Tesla are mentioned in The Death Ray of Archimedes (they appear off-screen), and now I'm seriously considering if I should keep this group around, and if it's the real people or clones or other dimension copies.  They could possibly wind up as consultants to the Iron Maiden supergroup, or I don't know, form their own independent group of superpowered super geniuses.  Maybe they're a time-travel group as well, which would explain why they're not around complicating things with their inventions.

Emperor Calculus:  I played around with the idea of Kid Calculus changing is name.  I was going to go with Emperor Calculus, but King Calculus sounds better (and closer to his original name) and then I decided to name the story The King Am I.  So I guess that settles it.  No idea what the rest of the plot would be just yet, but I have my story idea file now.

I'm also reminded that Unpossible Man is supposed to make up new origin stories for himself every time he appears.  I put him in a lot of stories last month, I need to go back and add those side comments in.

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