Tuesday, May 3, 2016

End of April Camp NaNoWriMo and 2016 Goals Update

1.  Write two Grandpa Anarchy Stories Each Month.


Jan 18:    Gorgon Gun (#160)
Jan 19:    Sharp Dressed Man (#163)


Jan 22:   Old Boys Club (#171)
March 29:  Superpowered Self Defense (#178)


April 17:  Legal Eagle (#179)
April 23:  Strike The Worm (#180)


April 23:  The Nonhumans (#181)
April 26:  Painted Into A Corner (#182)


May 3:  Happy Jack  (#190)


So I'm doing well on my first goal of 2 Grandpa Anarchy stories a month.

For Camp NaNo I started quite a few stories and finished about half of them:

Superpowered Self Defense - Finished before April.
Legal Eagle - Finished
Strike The Worm - Finished
The Nonhumans - Finished
Painted Into A Corner - Finished
Bombs Away - Unfinished
Intergalactic Order of Space Babes - Unfinished
Girl Gravity - Unfinished
Green-Skinned Alien Babe - Unfinished
Llahna's Girl - Unfinished
Further Adventures of Grandpa Anarchy - Unfinished
Punchathon - Unfinished
Happy Jack - Finished May 3rd
Doom - Unfinished, In Progress

So since March I can generously say I started twelve stories and finished five.  That's not nearly what I intended to accomplish in May, but it's a lot better than I managed through the first three months of the year, so I'm happy.  I want to continue writing through May and see if I can't turn that into a dozen finished stories, or more.

Some of this is tentative -- for example, I'm pretty sure that Llahna's Girl actually takes place after Happy Jack and Doom.  One or two other stories may follow Doom before I write Llahna's Girl as well.

By the way, the rest of Book 6 currently looks like this:

Secret Crisis Wars
Secret Crisis Wars 2 -- The Beginning of the End
Secret Crisis Wars 3 -- Quantum
What Comes Next
Tyrone the Great
Another Secret Crisis Wars
Shadow Secrets
X Factor
The King Am I
Bad Trip
A Thousand Ninjas
High Performance Chocolate

Most of these are just ideas -- and in some cases, such as the Secret Crisis Wars stories, it's one big idea that I thought might stretch over several stories, but there's no guarantee I'll be able to do that.  The Secret Wars 3 - Quantum contains the germ of an idea that I actually have already placed in Doom, so that title may go away.  Complete, Shadow Secrets, and X Factor are all stories with solid plots however -- kind of a trilogy of sorts.  Those three I should be able to complete easily.

So that's where things stand at the moment.