Friday, March 20, 2020

Magical March?

I had a very productive January and February, but March has not been productive at all.  I spent the last part of February and the first part of March trying to work on my Sally Stardust stories, and those went nowhere.  Then I realized it was "Magical March", when artists on the internet are challenged to draw a magical girl for each day of the month, working from a list of themes.

I tried to write a magical girl story for each day of the month of March 2018, using the same themes.  Ultimately I didn not quite finish, but I managed stories for nearly every day of the month, and I planned the last few and then didn't write them.  There was a big event story near the end that combined everyone in one massive adventure, and I wrote that but I knew that it was poorly written, so I never published it and planned to rework it, but never did.

Nevertheless, I decided to try again.  Like last time, I planned to do this late -- around March 4th or 5th, several days into the month.  Then I failed to get anything done right away.

The thing is, I still like the idea, and I really want to include some of the real-life stuff that's been happening lately with the COVID-19 outbreak and world events.  I like the idea of writing a story a day, that is meant to be happening on that specific day.  As an example, today's theme is "Beach" and young people doing spring break at the beaches despite calls for social distancing has been in the news, so that's a subject to insert into a possible Beach-themed magical girl story.

On Sunday I managed to write my first two stories.  I figured if I could continue to write a story a day, or even two stories a day, I'd eventually get to the end.  But I've finished nothing since.

Part of the problem is that we're very busy at work.  I'm one of two people in my department who are still coming to work, which means we handle more phones, and I had already committed to working a couple of extra hours in the evening on Monday and Tuesday each week, and it has either left little time for me to write or get into the mood to write, or at least it's been a convenient excuse to avoid writing.  So... so far I've only written the two stories, and it's already 20 days into the month.  And next month is Camp NaNoWriMo, which I was hoping to use to finish my fanfiction story Nerima All-Stars.

But I'm still positive and think I can get on top of this somehow.  It's just one story at a time, you know.

I also did not post anything to my story blog last week, and haven't done this week either.  I'll probably try to post something by this evening though, I have a lot of stories from this year to post.