Monday, June 2, 2014

Did I Get Anything Done?

I had a lot of plans for things I was going to do this past weekend, and then it kind of all went off the rails.  Friday night I went to a movie with my friend Tom, which meant I didn't get any writing done or do the things I was planning to do in Second Life, or get in any exercise, or watch the next episode of Star Gate SG1.   Then I stayed up late, and slept in, and accidentally started a war of words on one of the forums I visit, which made me depressed.  Ultimately I skipped a Tai-Pan work party because I was a few hours behind everything on Saturday and wanted to get some writing done on my current story, which I did.  I also got in some good exercise and did shopping at the same time by walking to Winco and back (Winco is not far from the BPA trail).
But then Sunday I had plans to get some of the stuff done that I failed to do Friday or Saturday, and instead I did nothing.
It feels like I've written very little the past week, which isn't true.  But several days ago I was beginning part 4 of World of Hero, and after a weekend of writing... I'm now beginning part 4 of World of Hero.  What I managed in the meantime was to move part of the story in part 3 back to part 2, and then add a prologue and a 2nd prologue to part 1, and add a bunch of scenes in parts 2 and especially part 3 that detail what some of the villains are doing.
Hopefully this all makes the story better... but I may just be tossing in too many plot threads, I dunno.  Will have to see how I feel about it later.  As it currently stands, World of Hero 1 -- Save the Girl is now  4.716 words long, World of Hero 2 -- Going Off Script is now 5,318 words long, World of Hero 3 -- Rude Awakening is 9,151 words long, and the incomplete part 4 is 5,384 words long.  So at 15,000 to 20,000 words, I have a very long story or even a short novella.

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