Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Magical March Wrap-Up / April Camp NaNoWriMo

I feel I should provide a wrap-up of my March Magical Girl challenge.

I wrote 31 stories in about 41 days.  I've published 28 of them on my Grandpa Anarchy blog, and will publish the other three this week (I just finished the last two stories Monday and Tuesday).  All of this constitutes a new "book" of Grandpa Anarchy stories, although most of them don't involve Grandpa Anarchy and 31 stories is fairly thin for one of my "books".  Right now I have this listed as Book 13, although I will probably switch that around with Book 12, which is a novel-length idea that I haven't written.

For those that are curious:

Book 1:  Tales of Two-Fisted Justice is 32 (well, 34) stories, nearly all the early ones plus 2 newer ones, one of which is not actually written yet and have off-numbers, story 00 and story 05a.

Book 2:  Fists of the Anarchist is stories 33 - 60, including one novella-length story World of Hero that is unfinished (and is counted as 4 stories in my numbering system)

Book 3:  Anarchy is Forever, stories 61 - 101.  Christmas story Gin and Ginger needs a full rewrite.

Book 4:  Never Say Anarchy Again, stories 102 - 147, including unfinished novella Second Class about the Black Moon Maidens.

Book 5:  Steel Knights & Iron Maidens, stories 148 - 177, plus guest story, includes an unfinished Christmas Story numbered as 177 and an unfinished Unpossible Man origin story numbered 172, also an unfinished Nina Ballerina origins story numbered 173.  Also, curiously, there is no story number 174.  Lastly, there's an unfinished novella, Oz on the Half-Shell, but a large portion of the story is written.

Book 6:  Weird Tales of Weird Anarchy, stories 178 - 217.  Includes one unfinished story.

Book 7:  Serial Anarchy.  This is an unfinished serial novel.  I may renumber this at some point, right now it's actually listed in my files as Book 6.5.

Book 8:  High-Tech Fisticuffs, stories 220 - 262.  (Excludes stories 254 and 256-258.  Note that there is no story 218 or 219, although the Serial Anarchy novel is unnumbered).  This is where my online story collection begins, so virtually every story in this volume has been published online.  I do not think this includes any unfinished stories, although I keep threatening to rewrite the Ring of Hanubatum, which has not seen publication.

Book 9:  My Gun Is Sharp.  Stories 254 - 308 (Excludes 255, 259-262).  This collection potentially includes three unwritten and unnumbered stories, My Gun Is Sharp, The Tremor of the Earth, and Wings of Liberty.

Book 10:  The Companions.  I have plans for a volume of stories about Kid Anarchy in the 1920's and his various companions.  Several of these stories are partially written but none are numbered yet.  I may need to renumber this book.

Book 11:  Fist to the Face.  This is my current collection of web stories, right now consisting of stories 300 - 311, all written since February 2018.

Book 12:  Magical Girl Death Match.  A potential novel-length story, unwritten.

Book 13:  Magical Girl March.  Stories 312 - 342, which I just finished writing.  I imagine that prior to any publication I would add a few more stories to flesh things out a bit, but aside from publishing these on the web I'm not sure I could see producing an actual book with them.

In any case, that's what I managed for Magical March.  Right now I'm halfway through April's Camp NaNoWriMo, and so far I've just been finishing up my Magical March stories and counting them towards my total, which is about 12,000 words so far, half of what I planned to write.

As for new goals, one of my projects is to do a write-up of the various places/set locations in the Grandpa Anarchy universe, such as supergroup bases, notable restaurants, and the like.  I keep having to look up previous stories to remember how I described these locations, so it would be useful to have them all in one handy file.  That would be an easier writing assignment than more new stories and would be extremely useful in the future.  Of course, I still need to update my list of people that is only current for the first 2-3 books.  :P

I have a lot of incomplete Grandpa Anarchy stories to work on, but the two stories I was working on back in February before I switched to magical girl story-a-day mode were Princess, about the magical realm that is the secret headquarters of the Daughters of Anarchy, and a story temporarily titled Meet Cute 4, about a budding romance between Circuit Girl and You Go Girl.  (I'd actually stopped working on the second one so that I could figure out how the Daughter's of Anarchy's secret base works -- which lead to me writing the first one.)

Anyway yesterday I considered trying to finish either of these, but instead I decided to try and finish X Factor, an important story from book 6.  I wrote the stories in Book 6 about two years ago, and it was intended to work as a kind of novel with one story flowing into the next, but there were two stories that I never finished.  This was one of them, and I had it all plotted out in my head.

And... when I pulled up the file today, I discovered that I'd finished it.  Probably a couple of months or so ago, but I hadn't remembered that.  So... that was easy.  I read through it and edited a few things, but basically it's done and works pretty well.

That means I should either work on the other story in Book 6 that isn't finished, or get back to finishing the two stories I was working on in February.