Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Too Many Ideas!

I finally made some progress on my attempt to write a story called Past Life Sister.  In fact I have a full plot and the principal characters now, but not the sidekick yet.  But this is good progress.  I constantly surprise myself with the ability to take nothing but a story title, and come up with a story -- not always great ones, but sometimes they are.  In this case I feel it's a solid idea, so we'll see.

In the meantime I continue to create new story idea files at a faster rate than I can write stories.  I'm supposed to be finishing the above story and then working on Grandpa Anarchy The Musical Part Two and Return to Amethyst Part Three.  Instead, I wrote a new story yesterday and in the last three days I've created the following story file ideas:

Gate Into Danger:  My Stargate story idea.

Parasites Suck:  My parasitic aliens story idea.

Bookstore Avenger:  An idea built around the decline of American bookstores, possibly featuring the return of the Literate Lemur.  It's about time he showed up again.

Villain Teamup:  My story about villains teaming up.

The King Am I:  My story about Kid Calculus changing his name.

Science Is The Future:  Possible story about Aristotle, Archimedes, Nikolai Tesla and who knows who else working together... maybe as a time-travelling superteam, I dunno.

Undead Consultation:  My idea which would reference the Iron Maidens of the Zombie Apocalypse one last time.

Downloading Denmark:  A weird idea based on the Minecraft downloadable map of Denmark, and possibly aliens downloading the whole country for real.

Family Tree:  This is the idea that threatens to take me over  today.  It's about Kid Continuity researching Grandpa Anarchy's family tree, and possibly about a brother who keeps coming back from the dead.  I just thought of it this morning but most of the story is already in my head.

*UPDATE*  I actually did manage to finish Family Tree today, which in theory means I might get some work done on Past Life Sister.  The story came in at less than 700 words, which is probably not enough considering there's two scenes.  I'll need to go over it and flesh it out a bit later.

Of note:  both of these stories are kind of ghost stories... which means I might go back and retroactively turn them into Christmas ghost stories at some point.

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