Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Writing Goals

Since Camp NaNoWriMo is over, I need to set new and immediate goals to keep myself writing.  Chief among those should be finishing up what I didn't accomplish last month.  With that in mind, I'm outlining an ambitious set of goals for the next two weeks.  We'll revisit them on May 15th and see where we're at.

1.  Finish my three remaining stories from Camp NaNo:  Past Life Sister, There Is No Try, and Grandpa Anarchy the Musical Act Two.

This is a given.  I've been writing a story a day for a month, I should be more than able to finish the three stories I started and failed to finish.  In the first three days of May to be honest.

2.  Finish one of the following stories:  Return to Amethyst Part Three (needs title), Unpossible, Performance Review, World of Hero.

These are some of the Grandpa Anarchy stories that I've been meaning to write for a while.  I finished two others in April -- Stronger and The Eagle Has Landed.  Return to Amethyst Part Three is the ending of a story I began last summer, of which I finished part one in October and part two in December.  Unpossible is a multi-scene story about the origins of Unpossible Man (which, if I finish it, I'd like to do similar stories for  the other heroes of the League of Two-Fisted Justice).  Performance Review is a simple one-scene story that I've had in mind for ages but have never gotten around to writing, it should be quite easy to accomplish.  As for the last -- rewriting World of Hero has long been a goal but it's a longer story that needs a thorough rewrite.  It's a big project and I keep putting it off.

3.  One new Grandpa Anarchy story a week.

In the meantime I should not get out of the habit of writing brand new Grandpa Anarchy stories.  We'll see.

4.  First chapter of one of the following:   Jubel in Oz, or Zesh and the Bitted Throug, or Chance Encounter.

I need to start working on my Tai-Pan stories and/or other story projects again.  Finishing a single chapter of any one of the above stories will be a good start.

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