Thursday, July 16, 2020

Camp NaNoWriMo July 16

So far this month for Camp NaNoWriMo I've written approximately 11,000 words and finished 7 stories.  To date:

403  Miss Trinity  finished 7/5
404  Pillar of Light finished 7/8
406  COVID Warrior finished 7/10
407  Robe and Wizard's Hat  finished 7/12  (working title was Balrog)
408  Asylum  finished 7/13
405  Fox Con  finished 7/15
409  It's Complicated  finished 7/16

Currently working on:

University of Hard Knocks:  I wrote about this story in June.  I've added to it, but it's not an actual story just yet.

To Punch a Hitler:  I should be able to turn this into a story, there's a lot already written.

New ideas:

Boy or Magic:  I saw someone on Twitter talking about a trope that strangely does not appear in TV Tropes (yet) -- that of the (most often) female character having to "give up" magic in order to find true love.  Most often found in stories about magical girls who have to give up their magic when they find a boy to have a relationship with, but also encountered in other stories where young women have to give up whatever makes them special in order to enter into a relationship with a man.  Often this is portrayed as a noble sacrifice or a testament to how strong their love is, but the man never has to give up anything.  See:  Arwen in Lord of the Rings, and to a lesser extent also Éowyn.

I don't have a specific story in mind for this but I agree that it's a stupid trope and magical girls should not have to give up their magic for love or as a transition to adulthood, and I wanted to write a story that specifically dealt with this trope.  And why is it not listed in TV Tropes anyway?

Mission Briefing:  An old idea/old story file, built around the idea that you would not brief people on a mission until you're already in the helicopter on the way to the mission.  Because they do that in the movies all the time and it makes no sense whatsoever.

Infinite Dojo:  After I wrote Miss Trinity I decided that there is now a sub-basement below the Anarchy Cavern that Grandpa does not yet know about, set up by Glory Ashes and Annie Two.  This includes the manufacturing facilities where the various Annie robots were built, a base of operations for several magical girls including Little Morphin' Annie, possibly gateways to a magical girl base in space and perhaps the base of operations for F8Wasp and Amelia Bloodraven, possibly a resurrection station run by Glory Ashes for her own use; and of course the Infinite Dojo -- which at first I imagined as a dojo with mirrored walls and ceilings, but then I also imagine robotic sparring partners, and possibly other "danger room" style additions.

I don't have an actual story in mind for this yet, but at some point Grandpa is going to find out about it.  Also, I have plans for Glory Ashes to team up with F8Wasp and Amelia Bloodraven to form some sort of super group of their own.

Micronation:  I want to write a story about how many micro nations run by villainous dictators there are in the Grandpa Anarchy world.  Hundreds of them, I assume.

Indestructible:  Based on an idea that popped into my head while rereading PS238, I want to write a story about an entire superteam of "flying bricks" or as they put it in the PS238 universe, "FISS" heroes (flying, invulnerable, superstrength, superspeed).  At the moment this team is called the Indestructibles of Miami, although nothing is set in stone.  I imagine each gained their powers a different way -- one is a god, one is magically cursed, one is a mutant, one was exposed to cosmic radiation or somesuch.  Because they all have the same powers, they are actually quite easy to game plan against.

All About You:  I'm not sure this even qualifies as a story idea.  It's just the idea that super villains such as Kid Calculus see themselves as superior to everyone else.  Grandpa Anarchy does not think this way.