Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time Travel Ahoy!

I kind of referenced this indirectly in my writing goals update for July post, but I completed two stories on Sunday:  Take Me Back to Constantinople and The Chef That Time Forgot.  These two are semi-related stories given that they both involve the time-travel sidekick Wayback Boy.

I had a third time travel story planned, more directly related to The Chef That Time Forgot since it not only involved Wayback Boy but also Marianna Kidd, the time chef from that story... but along the way I came up with another idea and combined two story fragments into a story called The Time of Your Life last night.  Today I reworked that one a little bit to hopefully make it stronger, then I set to work on Endangered Species.  As is often the case, I had scene in mind for this story but no idea what the ending would be... but when the time came, I managed to produce what I think is a pretty good ending indeed.

This gives me a Time Travel Tetralogy of sorts.  The first story introduces Wayback Boy; the second introduces Marianna Kidd, the time chef, the third introduces Time's Swift Arrow, a sort of self-appointed time cop, and the last story has both Marianna and Time's Swift Arrow involved.  Wayback Boy is in all four of them, of course.

My plan for the evening was to finish off Endangered Species and immediately set to work on Anarchy Is Forever.  This was a story idea/fragment involving Grandpa Anarchy attending the opening of the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie based on his own life.  I didn't have much of an idea where to go beyond that, but a day or two ago I had an idea for some dialog involving the Grandpa Anarchy comic books, and the back story that I came up for all of that while I was working on the stories involving Kid Continuity.  Only... I'm not sure where that backstory information is at the moment.  I had written it at the bottom of one of those stories, but I would have removed it once the story was finished... and saved it somewhere else, if I'm not a complete idiot.  The most obvious thing would be to toss it into my Anarchy World Background file, but I can't seem to find it at the moment....

(Edit:  Ah, found it.  I'd forgotten that Dark Anarchy was also a Kid Continuity story!)

But the good news is that I'm now four stories behind my goal to write 4 Grandpa Anarchy stories a month for this year.  One month behind, that's it!

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