Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Statue Mecha

I'm not getting any editing of the stories for my proposed book done, but I did finish another story tonight.  This is the one I came up with a couple of days ago, based on giant mecha designed after giant statues from around the world.  It's called The Statue Got Me High.

I think it works pretty well.  I think.  Anyway, here's the opening sentences:

Christ the Redeemer dropkicked Lady Liberty, sending her crashing to the sand.  His hand folded back, revealing spinning chainsaw blades.  He stabbed down viciously.  At the last moment Liberty's rockets engaged, shooting her across the sand and gouging a deep trench into the arena floor.
Gears whined as as Liberty got to her feet.  In the chest cockpit, Grandpa Anarchy said, "Hey, I think we're getting the hang of this!"
"Sir," said his sidekick, "we should be concentrating on how to resolve our current predicament...."  Grandpa Anarchy's current sidekick was Spinner Lad, a boy in blue spandex with a spinner on his chest.  At the moment the spinner was pointing to "Think Things Through".
"Hold onto that thought," said Grandpa.  "Here they come!  Right fist rocket punch on my mark!"
Christ the Redeemer charged, arms outspread.  Each ponderous footstep shook the ground.  At the last moment Grandpa yelled.  Rockets engaged.  Whiplash-quick, the fist swung and connected with the Redeemer's head, which went flying.
"Ha!  Down goes the Brazilian team!" Grandpa crowed.  "Just like rock 'em sock 'em robots!"
On the raised dais, their only spectator -- the giant blue alien known as Dr'ker'droha 781 -- waved its tentacles in appreciation.  "Multitudinous acclamations!" it exclaimed.  "Abounding supplications for extended belligerences!"
"Grandpa, I really must insist," said Spinner Lad.  "Fighting other Statue Mecha does not solve our central problem.  We need to know why we were brought here...."
"Godlike Alien," said Grandpa.  "They're always doing crap like this.  It's happened to me a dozen times, at least."
"But mecha that match famous giant statues from around the world exactly?  In a free-for-all battle royale?  it's ludicrous on the face of it," Spinner Lad said.  On the far side of the mile-wide stadium, China's Spring Temple Buddha was locked in mortal combat with Japan's Ushiku Daibutsu Buddha, while the Mongolian Ghengis Khan with Horse mecha circled them, having already dispatched Myanmar's Laykyn Stkyar Buddha.

 It was a weird idea, but that's kind of what my Grandpa Anarchy stories are designed for.  ^_^

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