Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sometimes It Doesn't Come Together

(And sometimes it does!)

I think today I'll fail to finish a Grandpa Anarchy story for the first time in five days.

I got a lot written on Anarchy Is Forever, but at the moment I don't have a plot or a destination, so it just kind of meanders.  I like the general setup but I have to figure out what can happen that's funny or surprising.  The setting is the opening of a new Grandpa Anarchy blockbuster movie, so I have a lot of former sidekicks and other heroes showing up and some villains even (ones not on the FBI's Most Wanted anyway).  There's some nice jokes and references to the movie and comic book backstory... but no punchline, nothing it's leading up to right now.  So it's kind of pointless right now.  But eh.

I was thinking a villain shows up and fights Grandpa Anarchy.  Only then it turns out to be a promotional stunt.  Maybe his current sidekick is a doppleganger of some kind.  Or maybe it was supposed to be a stunt but the villain is really serious.  Or maybe a villain really shows up to attack Grandpa in full view of the cameras, but is flattened almost immediately thanks to the presence of over 100 former sidekicks and a good two dozen other heroes.   Or....

I don't know.  None of my ideas so far really sound workable, and they don't provide a compelling reason to read everything that comes before that, because none of it is being set up.  I have to think on it some more and see if my subconscious can produce something for me.

Edit:  Did some exercise, came back, and a pretty good ending popped into my head... along with a way to insert foreshadowing from the beginning to give the story a sense of direction.  I finished it, and I think it actually works pretty well all of a sudden.  ^_^

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