Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Continuity Crusaders

Today I finished Historically Accurate, just as I thought I would.  That makes 22 new stories for July, and this one is pretty solid (I think).

This story continues my exploration of former sidekicks who go on to become superheroes in their own right.  In this story, Kid Continuity forms a new hero group with a unique mission.  I kind of think Kid Continuity's obsession with making sense of Grandpa Anarchy's history (and superhero history in general) borders on the insane, but she's certainly an interesting character to write about.  I almost wanted to call her new group The Revisionist Historians, but I'm fairly certain Grandpa had fought the Revisionist Historian before, probably mentioned in one of my time travel stories written at the beginning of August.

Anyway, this completes the series of stories that I came up with last weekend, that I simply had to write, that all sort of connected together.  I went for a walk this afternoon, and I was thinking about what I should work on next.  I have a lot of story ideas lying around that I could work on, but none that are so clear-cut in my head or so vital that I must write them now.  I thought about going back and trying to rewrite World of Hero again, which is what I was attempting to do at the end of July when I set it aside to edit stories for my book and to start writing new stories.

I also thought about my characters, what their lives are like (trying to flesh them out a bit) and what new characters I should create.  I have to admit that two of my weak points are that I don't plan villains out in advance, and I don't typically plan sidekicks in advance either, which means I get a lot of villains and sidekicks with no particularly impressive powers.  I'd like to introduce a few villains and sidekicks that have serious power.

But I think of a lot of things on my walks that I don't actually write down.  I remember Sunday I thought of a conservative right-wing hero, because I decided I should have someone like that around.  I was going to call him the One Wing Knight (the picture on his chest or shield would be an eagle's right wing, of course).  But I haven't written that down yet.  I thought of some other things Sunday that I've already forgotten about.

Today I was thinking about Kid Continuity, and what kind of villains she should face, and I came up with a very inspired idea:  the GlitchKitten, a catgirl ninja who can travel through time and loves to mess things up, because that drives Kid Continuity crazy.  She would claim to be the twin sister of another catgirl ninja in my universe who was not born a catgirl (or even a girl) -- in other words, it's impossible for what GlitchKitten says to be true.  But that's the very nature of the character -- a glitch in continuity, a thing that doesn't make sense yet still exists.  And she exists exactly because Kid Continuity is trying to fix superhero history.  Kid Continuity's specific power is to invoke absolute continuity to make inconsistencies disappear, but this won't work on GlitchKitten (or more likely, works only temporarily) because Narrative Causality demands that GlitchKitten exist.  She is Kid Continuity's ultimate nemesis, and probably just popped into existence one day because, under the circumstances, she couldn't not exist.  Naturally she has no background, no back story, nothing to explain who she is or where she comes from.  She's exactly the sort of thing to drive Kid Continuity off the deep end.

And that's a new story waiting to be written, right there.  It gives me a second story to follow Historically Accurate with.  The only question is whether I'll finish it tonight or not.  ^_^

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