Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Story Ideas

I continue to come up with new story ideas, and by ideas I often mean titles and/or single lines, but for each I create a new file on the assumption that it might lead to a story one day.  Here's my current list of new story titles/ideas:

Updated Story Ideas List:

Dark Lord of Midnight
Lights Out
Performance Review
Stepping Out
Dec 11  Troubador  Grandpa Anarchy faces a singing villain
Dec 12  Love, Grandma  Grandpa Anarchy vs. Grandma Chaos
Jan 15  Grandpa Anarchy and the Fiendishly Foul Fetid Frog
Jan 26  Toolbar Wizard
Jan 30  Thunderbird Blues
Jan 31  Hackernaut    (completed 8/13)
Feb 03  Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Feb 09  Gutbucket Magic  (completed 8/15)
Feb 12  Brothers and Sisters    (completed 8/8)
Feb 13  Stronger
Feb 16  Mister Buffalo
Feb 17  Pandora's Closet
Feb 19  Anarchy Is Forever   (completed 8/7)
Feb 24  Hero's Sacrifice
Feb 25  The Crystal Weenie
Feb 25  Alien Space Bats  (combined w/Time of Your Life) (completed 8/5)
Mar 09  Killer Asteroid
Apr 09  The Apocalypse Meme
Apr 24  Your Stupid, Stupid Minds    (completed 8/18)
Apri 24  Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Apr 29  Throw Me a Trope
Apr 30  Timey Wimey Ball
Apr 30  Time of Your Life    (completed 8/5)
May 05  Gone Again
May 25  Take Me Back to Constantinople    (completed 8/4)
June 05  The Chef That Time Forgot   (completed 8/4)
June 05  Maid Service
June 06  Endangered Species  (completed 8/6)
June 06  Patent Troll  (finished 6/27, retitled The Devil in the Details)
June 15  The Ferver and Furor of the F├╝hrer
June 15  Retirement   (The R Word)  (completed 7/1)
June 17  An Inconvenient Airship  (finished 6/24)
June 25  Continuity Error (finished same day)
June 25  Dark Anarchy  (finished 6/30)
June 28  Ruse  (finished 7/1)
July 10  Maps of Vampires that No Longer Exist
July 15  Mysterious Journal
July 17  Sanctum Sanitorium
July 24   A Clown In A Clown Store
Aug 3 Space Kraken (completed 8/3)
Aug 3 Triple Aaar!  (completed 8/3)
Aug 6  Spaghetti Monster Knows
Aug 10  Self-Made Man  (completed 8/12)
Aug 10  Rule of Three
Aug 14  Murder is Painless
Aug 14  Questionable Judgment  (comleted 8/17)
Aug 14  Unpossible
Aug 14  Zero Hour  (completed 8/17)
Aug 14   X
Aug 14  Death of a Mook
Aug 15  The Eagle Has Landed
Aug 19  Beneath the Skin
Aug 18  Spider Pope
Aug 19  The Statue Got Me High  (completed 8/21)
Aug 20  Revealing
Aug 21  Enter the Fury Fists of Death
Aug 21  Magnificent Bastardry
Aug 21  The Hundred Perfumes of the Wind


The Hundred Perfumes of the Wind is a line from today's Writer's Almanac, a line from the poem Virgil's Bees by Carol Ann Duffy.  Magnificent Bastardry comes from the Order of the Stick comments section, someone describing Tarquin's latest maneuver (killing his own son!).  Enter the Fury Fists of Death is a temporary title to remind myself to do a Bruce Lee pastiche, in the manner of Almost Live's Billy Quan episodes with titles like Enter the Gardener, Rackets of Fury, Library of Death.

Revealing is also inspired directly from Order of the Stick, episode 911 in which Belkar describes Tarquin's army as "That's a lot of mooks," and then one of the 'mooks' demonstrates his ability to reveal important plot points, albeit badly timed.  One of the the readers referred to him as "Plot Reveal Mook" and I jotted that down as a villain for Grandpa Anarchy to face.

Spider Pope was just a line I saw somewhere that I liked.  Beneath the Skin is based on the idea of the monster beneath our skin that each of us have (I think I was listening to an episode of To The Best of Our Knowledge).  My plan for this story would be a villain brings out the monster hidden within Grandpa, and you get an evil Grandpa Anarchy that the sidekick has to fight.

The Eagle Has Landed is a more in-depth plot idea (a rarity for my story ideas).  I've been working on one story that involves Grandpa's great-granddaughter; he was married many years ago, before or during WWII I think.  For this story idea, I propose that he slept with a Russian hero of some sort right at the end of WWII, and now has a daughter (or more likely granddaughter) who is a Russian hero, and who comes to visit.

Death of a Mook is an idea to explore what happens to the family of a random, nameless mook / henchman when he dies.

Questionable Judgement/Unpossible/Zero Hour/X were just titles and quick ideas that I came up with so I could have stories that began with those letters.  I've finished two of them, and Unpossible would be an exploration of Unpossible Man's origins, so that one's a viable idea.

Murder is Painless explores the idea that killing monsters and even henchmen is so much easier than killing "real" people.  In this story Grandpa savagely kills a rather nice vampire.  It also explores the idea that Grandpa has never been averse to killing off his enemies before, so why stop with vampires?

Rule of Three  is just the idea that there are always three of something.  Not sure where to go with that yet, but there you go.  This is a file that I actually created much earlier than the given date, but it was hidden on my iPad for months I think.

Spaghetti Monster Knows and A Clown in a Clown Store are just funny lines/titles for the most part, but each contains the seed of what the story would be about.  Clown would be about Carnival Act, of course.

Mysterious Journal is from a misread line while I was playing Everquest.  (The actual line:  Fargoth's journal day 912:  Curly moustache -- goblin blood number 9 -- hairy toes -- is this home?)  It amused me.  Sanctum Sanitorium is an involved story from Unpossible Man about the building of a sanitorium in a third world country, and how he eventually moved it to the arctic, which wound up not being such a good deal because he can't fly so he never visits it.  It's potentially a section of my rewritten story World of Hero, but it doesn't advance any plot and might instead turn into a stand-alone story, who knows.

Maps of Vampires that No Longer Exist is another misread line.  I have no idea what I might do with it.

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