Saturday, August 3, 2013

Some Things You Should Not Google

Today I'm working on the rewrite of There Be Whales.  It's turning into a very different story, and sadly, one where I can't really seem to fit in the background details of how Nikko the winged monkey met Grandpa, or the whole joke about how their relationship works.  I'm uncertain if I can create a different story to place that stuff in, or whether it doesn't really matter that much.

But while working on the story (which involves Intergalactic Space Babes Jennie Nova and her friend Llahna), I decided to look up Princess Leia and see how her metal slave bikini was actually described.  I Googled "Princess Leia Slave", and I got links to a site called Leia's Metal Bikini.  It's a tame site I suppose -- includes many pictures of Leia in the bikini, and many, many, many pictures of fans cosplaying as slave Leia.  There are also instructions on how to make or buy your own slave metal bikini, and there's links to the "Slave Bikini Builder's Club -- the Definitive Star Wars Slave Girl Costuming Club, where every slave is a princess".

Yeah.  I shouldn't be surprised.  I also saw a link to the slaveleia wiki, which sounds like a much less innocent web site (there's a warning about graphic images before you proceed -- at that point I turned back, heh).

Anyway, my rewrite of There Be Whales is done.  In some ways it's a much less satisfying story for me because of what I've been forced to remove, but I think it is actually a solid, funny story now, which it wasn't before.  I have two new files to work on, Triple Aaar!, which is the portion of the original story that deals with space pirates, and a new file called Space Kraken in which I dumped all the parts about Nikko's back story and his arrangement with Grandpa.  But I'm not sure any of that constitutes a real story, or whether I want to write a story about a space kraken.

Actually the original funny ending for There Be Whales was that Nikko would not do anything Grandpa told him unless he wore the yellow hat/cap and said the magic words.  That can still be a funny story ending, but it really needs to be an ending to a story about their agreement.  For example, if I begin the story with their meeting and the making of the agreement, then I can jump straight to the dangerous encounter (with a space kraken, perhaps) where Grandpa has to use the magic words and hat to get the monkey to run.

Edit:  Aaaaaand... Space Kraken and Triple Aaar! are both completed.  I wrote three stories today, two of them brand new.  ^_^  Technically speaking Triple Aaar! is really the one that is a rewrite of There Be Whales, since it contains a good chunk of the original story.  But whatever!

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