Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Stories

I spent a good portion of yesterday editing the stories for my book.  I'm through story 25 of 32, which means I have 7 stories left to edit.  Mostly I've been doing spell checks and then reading through them for anything else I notice, occasionally removing excess words or rewriting sentences, but no major editing.  Most of these stories work pretty well, I think -- maybe Supper Soldier is too long.  But the final stories include a couple that I haven't really edited since I first wrote them, and they may have problems, so that will slow me down.

But having done that, and also having read through a bunch of my newer stories and updating my Anarchy World Background file, I allowed myself to think about writing.

I took a long walk first.  On the walk I came up with a possible plot for my Pandora's Closet story.  I also thought of three more stories -- one involving the Black Moon Maidens recruiting another member, one involving Popeye Khan and the Archons of Excellence searching for a fountain of youth, and one in which Kid Continuity forms her own group with the specific goal of straightening out past continuity.

Like I need more stories to write.  All of these stories are non Grandpa Anarchy stories.  I've slowly begun to write stories that don't directly involve him, starting with Dead Again, which takes place while he's dead, and then Brothers and Sisters, which involves a secret society for sidekicks.  This week I wrote Black Moon Rising about the formation of the Black Moon Maidens.

Last night I finished two of my other Black Moon Maiden ideas -- the newly-plotted Pandora's Closet, and the recruitment story, Pick of the Litter.  This morning, I finished Magic is a Bitch, my newly-retitled story about what happens when the spell that turned Larry Morris into Fire Maiden wears off.  I'm honestly not sure if any of these are good stories, but at least I now have a quartet of stories involving the Black Moon Maidens.  I still have the Popeye Khan/Archons story and the Kid Continuity story to do, but I wrote a bit on the Popeye Khan story this morning.  I'm calling that Youth Is Wasted on the Young at the moment, and the Kid Continuity story is Historically Accurate.

I also made a roughly chronological list of all the sidekicks who've worked for Grandpa Anarchy, that I know of.  I was looking for those that might have life beyond the one story that they appear in -- those that actually have some talent.  Of course, many of those have become villains already, but there are a few that I like -- Natural Twenty is one, and Mighty Tim, and Wayback Lad, and of course Kid Continuity.  I have a  tendency to write silly sidekicks with no actually useful powers, which has pretty much prevented me from creating sidekicks who control storms or do other such interesting things.  But a few with real power have slipped through.


  1. Sidekick: Hobby Horse

    He's a... Horse. with Hobbies (and grudges, personal grudges)

    He's terrible at his hobbies and has many many unfinished things constructed. Most of them are just not terribly dangerous, but he intends to get back to them one day.

    Robot Patrol! his/her power is to control small utilitarian robots (like roombas). Um, not super useful, but they can get the robot vacuum to get into that corner it always misses, or that bit of fluff in the middle of the floor. special attack Robot Parade, calling forth all of the robots the children have made

    Teen Weasel! A were-weasel who is 14 years old.

    Page Girl. has the power to deliver messages (intended or unintended) to her team mates. Even if a person across town had the idle though of writing a fan club letter, or the opposing supervillian has deftly told the hero that their mother is dating said supervillian, Page Girl gets the message through! power only works if she's wearing her telegraph delivery boy uniform and says the message in iambic pentameter.

    Fan Boy. Wind power. Based on how long he can hold out giving a soliloquy on some subject he likes or hates. the more intense his interest, the more powerful the wind. Just...just don't get him started, okay. Really.

    Nellie the Technicolor Elliphant. ... I have no idea. can attack opponents after she has packed her trunk, tromp tromp tromp.

    1. I don't know if I'll use any of those but I've added them to my list. ^_^