Monday, August 26, 2013

Two More Stories Written... Doubts About Their Quality

How I'm doing on my yearly writing goal:

May 2013

June 30:  Dark Anarchy
July 1:  Ruse
July 1:  The R Word
Aug 3:  Space Kraken

June 2013

Aug 3:  Triple Aaar!
Aug 4:  Take Me Back to Constantinople
Aug 4:  The Chef that Time Forgot
Aug 5:  The Time of Your Life

July 2013

Aug 6:  Endangered Species
Aug 7:  Anarchy Is Forever
Aug 8:  Brothers and Sisters
Aug 12:  Self-Made Man

Aug 2013

Aug 13:  Hackernaut
Aug 15:  Gutbucket Magic
Aug 17:  Questionable Judgment
Aug 17:  Zero Hour

Sept 2013

Aug 18:  Your Stupid, Stupid Minds
Aug 20:  The Statue Got Me High
Aug 22:  Black Moon Rising
Aug 24:  Pick of the Litter

Oct 2013

Aug 24:  Pandora's Closet
Aug 25:  Magic is a Bitch
Aug 26:  Transformation Station
Aug 26:  Youth is Wasted on the Young

I really don't know what to say about all of this.  Five stories in two days is excellent, except I feel I'm churning out very substandard work.  Especially after finishing that second story today, I was left with a feeling that I'm writing utter crap.  I mean, I want the stories to work, but...

Most of these recent stories (From Black Moon Rising forward) are longer stories with multiple scenes.  I know some of them work, but they're not my traditional style of Grandpa Anarchy story, a short setup with some sort of twist or punch line.  Together they form a sort of narrative though, mostly involving the Black Moon Maidens except for Youth Is Wasted On The Young, which is an Archons of Excellence story, but which leads directly into Transformation Station, another Black Moon Maidens story.

Black Moon Rising is a single-scene story, but without a really punchy ending, it feels to me.

Pandora's Closet is a two-scene story.  Actually this one I think has a better ending, but I'm not sure the middle works.  I think I need to work on the characterization more.

Magic is a Bitch  is a longer story with multiple scenes.  I think it works.  The ending is one of those "back where we started from" kind of endings, not a huge twist or surprise but funny enough, I think.

Pick of the Litter was a random idea I got while walking on Saturday.  It's a two-scene story, with a pretty good punch line, but I get the feeling I'm not presenting it in the best or most direct manner.  Also, the very idea that the story is based on kind of makes me wonder if it's something I really want to allow to happen to my characters....

Youth is Wasted on the Young is mostly a journey story with a punchline.  I think in this case, I'm having a hard time deciding how much of the journey I should show.  Although the story could almost certainly start and end right at the end goal of the journey, I wanted to give some sense of the epic quest needed to arrive at that end goal.  But as is, I think it might be too long and/or not accomplish the goal of "epic journeyness".

Transformation Station  is another multi-scene story that I know works pretty well and has a punchy ending, but again I'm not convinced I really want to take my characters where this story goes.

And then I still have Historically Accurate to finish, which I worked on today.  That's another one that is shaping up to be four scenes long, with a punchline that may be broadcast to the reader well before we actually get there.  I dunno.

The good news?  I've written 21 stories this month.  That's nearly as many as I managed last November during NaNoWriMo, and I still have the rest of the week to write more.  And I will almost certainly finish Historically Accurate by tomorrow.  And ultimately, getting these stories out of my head and onto the page is only a good thing, even if they need massive rewrites later.

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