Sunday, April 20, 2014

Camp NaNo Day 20: Startup & Writer's Night Update

I've been trying to keep up with my writing at Norwescon.  On Friday I finished one story, Temple of the Dog, and on Saturday morning I managed to finish Grandpa Anarchy the Musical, Act III.  There was an extra song that I moved to the end of the story file and eventually decided to not use, but I had trouble deleting it from within iPad -- copy and paste is a bitch with a touch screen.

So I saved it to Dropbox, imported it to my laptop, and polished it off there.  Later I updated Dropbox with the final version.

In the meantime Gene had sent out an e-mail about Saturday's Writer's Night.  I asked if he wanted a story of mine to read, and he said sure... but I didn't check my e-mail until we were at dinner right before 7 PM, when writer's night starts.  (I only have internet access in certain parts of the con.)  I searched quickly through my finished stories and sent a link from my Dropbox to a long-finished story that I like, City of the Monkey God.

Keith immediately started reading it -- apparently I sent the link to the entire mailing list.  But I meant to have read at Writer's Night, so that was cool.

Sunday afternoon I ran into Edd who was at writer's night the night before.  He said they'd read my story and it was well-received, and it was good that I'd sent it.  I mentioned that of course Gene has access to all of my stories in Dropbox, but not all of them are necessarily ready to read at writer's night.  I'd picked out one I thought worked well.

Edd said that he assumed there was a part one and two since they read part three, and I was confused.  Apparently what actually was read was my just-completed version of Grandpa Anarchy the Musical part III, and not even the version with the partially-finished song removed.  That's kind of horrifying in a way since even I haven't read all the way through it yet, or decided how well it works, or done any editing.  So I don't know how that happened, but apparently people liked it.

Now I really do need to finish Act II.

Saturday night we played The Totally Renamed Spy Game and for a while none of us could keep a lair around for more than two turns at most.  At one point when we were setting up puny 1-point lairs we joked that we had to fund our new lairs with a Kickstarter campaign, and someone suggested that this would make a good Grandpa Anarchy story.  So between about fifteen minutes or so before going to bed and about half an hour to forty-five minutes the next morning, I wrote Startup based on this idea.  I read it to Keith and Juli and they agreed that it works, but even as short as 840 words, it might be too long.  I'll edit it later.

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