Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Camp NaNo Day 15: Too Many Songs!

As it turns out, thinking up songs for a villain to sing in a musical is absurdly easy.

My plans for Grandpa Anarchy, The Musical are three acts, with two songs per act.  I figured that's about as much as I could get away with and still squeeze in enough story to move the plot along.  Act One would be a scene from Kid Calculus's early days as a sidekick to Grandpa Anarchy, when he doesn't doubt Grandpa in the least.  Act Two would be the incident where he's left for dead and turns against Grandpa Anarchy, and Act Three would be him as a full-fledged villain being defeated.

I had songs lined up for Act Two and Act Three:  I really wanted to use either Defying Gravity or Let It Go, and once I realized how easily the first song becomes Defying Anarchy, there was no way I wasn't going to use that.  But then I woke up yesterday morning with two new song ideas in my head.  The first was based on Top Of The World:

I want to blow up the world, want its complete destruction
And the only explanation I can find
Is the hate that I find when your name crosses my mind
Loathing makes me want to blow up the world

The second would be the villain's swan song after he's defeated in Act Three:

I don't wanna talk
About my plans to destroy you
You've defeated me,
Now that's history
I've played all my cards
And then you smashed them all
There's nothing more to say
The hero wins the day

The villain takes a fall
He never wins at all
To fail bitterly
That's my destiny

I was in command
Double-checking all my plans
To me it all made sense
No chink in my defense
Within my walls of doom
'Twas here I would crush that man
But I was a fool
Forgetting all the rules

The gods may throw the dice
Their cheating is precise
The game is rigged, you see
Against villainy
The villain takes a fall
To some neanderthal
Who claims to fight for truth
No matter how uncouth

At the same time I had some ideas for how to adapt Let It Go.  So I had a lot of ideas for songs... and a couple of more ideas to shore up the plot a bit.  I've rearranged my first few stories slightly so that Kid Calculus is the sidekick immediately before Circuit Girl.  This is important because Circuit Girl is kind of a lynch-pin to a lot of the back story in my series.  She was one of Grandpa's best sidekicks until she was murdered by Carnival Act.  I've mentioned her many  times, I've done stories with her younger brother as a sidekick in her footsteps, her death haunted Grandpa Anarchy for a long time -- but I've never actually had her appear onscreen, except as a ghost and that was not the real Circuit Girl anyway.  So it made perfect sense to me to have her confront Kid Calculus at some point.  He's going down the path to villainy, she's very steadfast in her conviction that good triumphs over all; he warns her that Grandpa Anarchy is going to get her killed, she replies that if that is the case, she will die upholding justice.

Kid Calculus respects Circuit Girl, I think.  They're both genius-level tech types.  But they fundamentally disagree here, and both are partially in the right.  So there's good plot material there, and a chance to show what Circuit Girl was really like.

Anyway -- I didn't get much actual writing done yesterday, just a few paragraphs.  But this morning I once again woke up with song ideas in my head.  This time it was Hate Is An Open Door, which would be my second song stolen from Frozen, but it makes me laugh so I might try to use it.  The other idea was I Don't Know How To Hate Him, borrowing from Jesus Christ Superstar.  I'm not sure if that's a song sung by Kid Calculus or Circuit Girl -- but probably a song for Act Two.  I really like that idea as well, so I'll probably use it.  But at this point I have too many song ideas so I'll have to sacrifice something somewhere.

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