Thursday, April 10, 2014

Camp NaNo Day 10: Reboot

The story I worked on today is called Reboot.  Or possibly Rebrand.  Or something else if I come up with a better title.

The idea is that they're doing a League of Two-Fisted Justice  movie, because superhero moves are really popular right now.  The last two Grandpa Anarchy movies -- Anarchy Rising and Anarchy Forever have done really well, and a series of movies about the members of the Archons of Excellence have culminated in an extremely successful team-up movie, called Archons of Excellence, amazingly enough.  The Archons are almost always head and shoulders above the competition, so their movie is my world's equivalent of the Avengers movie.  But now the studio that does the Grandpa Anarchy movies wants to try a team-up film of their own, even though Unpossible Man is the only other member of the team who has ever been in a movie, and that was a B-grade movie from the sixties.

And before they make the movie, they're doing a complete overhaul/rebranding of the members of the League.  New costumes, new comic books, the whole works.  Even if said heroes don't really want new costumes.

One of my problems is that my back catalog of Grandpa Anarchy stories is so large (and the list of story ideas that I haven't written is so large) that I forget what I've actually written sometimes.  So for example, I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned before that Unpossible Man had one single movie to his name, but I don't know where I mentioned that.  I also could swear that I've written a story about Grandpa Anarchy getting a makeover which was tied to a new comic book reboot -- but maybe that was just an idea that I didn't actually write.  I know I wrote a story called Dark Anarchy in which a darker, grimmer Grandpa Anarchy made an appearance -- but that was something different.  But that might be what became of my "rebranded Anarchy" idea.  (Also, I read through Dark Anarchy and boy, does that story need some fleshing out!)

Anyway, I failed to finish my story today, nor did I find a solution to how to end Trick Of The Trade.  I didn't work on that one at all.

So I'm falling behind a bit, although I got a lot written on today's story and at least I know how I want to end it.

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