Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Camp NaNo Day 8: Landmark Decision

I finished Landmark Decision, which involves some inspiration from my friend Jeff supplied to me last Saturday.  It's very short -- 699 words -- but I think it works well enough.  In this story, aliens are out to destroy all of the landmarks in the world.

I'm calling this my Saturday story, but once again I failed to write a second story so I'm still a day behind schedule.  My story for today, which I'll hopefully write tomorrow, it currently titled Captured, but needs a better name.  It will probably feature a sidekick suggested by a friend at work, "The Grindstone Cowboy."

I went to bed last night not satisfied with how Landoff ended.  This morning I woke up with an idea of how to improve it -- so it's slightly better than it was.  Still not sure how much I like it though.  I need to rework Disorientation a bit too.

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  1. hey Organica, it's the Goat- I didn't want to lose track of you.
    if you're on twitter or facebook or anything, drop me a line with your info!