Sunday, April 27, 2014

Camp NaNo Day 27: The Pompatus of Love

I only wrote one story today so I'm still several behind.  I haven't even figured out yet what today's story is going to be.  I finished yesterday's story, called The Pompatus Of Love.  It's 1,548 words -- probably a bit too long, but I'll go back and edit it later.  This one is a strange story based on a Cecil Adams Straight Dope article, and involves a guitar-stealing hippie clown called the Midnight Joker and his army of paper doll women.

So for now, I am still four stories behind.  I have Act Two of Grandpa Anarchy The Musical to write, and Past Life Sister from Thursday, and There Is No Try from Friday, and whatever today's story is.  Drumroll please....

Diary of an Anarchist.  Which is a play on The Anarchist Cookbook, I think (not a very good one), and is possibly the story about how Grandpa Anarchy came to name himself Anarchy.  Except I think that story is already being told in another story that I haven't finished -- which I forget the name of now.  Maybe I can straighten it out tomorrow, maybe there's two ways to tell the same story.

*EDIT*  I went back and found the other story I was thinking of... Stronger.  I really want to write that one, it's a longer story but I have it all plotted out and partially written, and it's central to what makes Grandpa Anarchy who he is.  It doesn't explain why Grandpa Anarchy chose his name per se, but it tells the full story and the reader can certainly make inferences based on that, I think.

Anyway, I think today's story is actually Stronger, and tomorrow's story will be Diary of an Anarchist.  Which will be on the same theme, but maybe from a different angle.  In Stronger Grandpa is given a chance to go back in time and kill the man who killed his mentor, before that death happens.  But of course, all of that is what made Grandpa Anarchy who he is, and he knows this.  For Diary of an Anarchist, I could just have Grandpa explaining his name in a different way... or I could come up with a story for the Continuity Crusaders, who time travel and are led by Kid Continuity, who is obsessed with fixing plot holes in Grandpa Anarchy's back story.  I'd just have to figure out what plot hole would bring them back to the same incident.

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