Sunday, April 13, 2014

Camp NaNo Day 12/13: Beneath The Skin, The Hand You're Dealt

Yesterday (Saturday) I finished Four Weddings and Nine Hundred Funerals.  It's a bit long at a little over 2,000 words and four scenes, and I'm not sure it has a very big punchline ending, so I'm not sure how pleased I am with it at the moment.  But it does involve several marriages between superheroes in my universe, so it's got some character/back story development that I like.  So I'll probably let it sit for a while and try to make it work better at a later point.

Today I finished Reboot, a story that involves the members of the League of Two-Fisted Justice getting new costumes as part of promotion for an upcoming team movie.  This one is short, and doesn't need to be any longer.  I happen to like it, I think.

After that I managed to patch together Beneath The Skin, which actually has the League facing off against the same villain as in Reboot.  This is Death Medal, whom I've used quite a lot lately.  He was clearly a villain that I needed to use more, but at this point he's been in at least 5 stories written in the last 2 weeks, so maybe I need to find other villains to use again.  Probably it's time for Kid Calculus to step up his game another notch.

Lastly, I managed to put together a new idea I had today into a story called The Hand You're Dealt.  This was originally based on an article about how often people have quit the X-Men, and how it's a standard trope, in those comics particularly.  I decided to write a story around that idea, which I first called "Quitters" or "Quitters Never Prosper" and then changed to "10 Minute Retirement" which is one of the names of this kind of trope on TV Tropes.  But ultimately I changed the name to the above after I had finished, because it kind of turned into a story where none of the big-name supergroups were available (in the case of the League of Two-Fisted Justice, it was because everyone had  temporarily quit), and the President of the U.S. has to call on one of the more unlikely supergroups in my universe for help.

This story is pretty thin at 777 words.  It reads as complete from beginning to end, but needs some work in the form of added description and fleshing out.  I'm calling it complete, but I'll probably try to rework it a little bit tomorrow.

So that's three stories written today, which means I'm finally all caught up again.  I've now written 16 stories in 16 days, 17 stories for the year, so I'm already ahead of my goal to write a Grandpa Anarchy story a week for 2014.

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