Sunday, February 17, 2013

Writer's Night Feb 2013

I was late for Writer's Night, which I always am.  This time I wanted to rework the last several scenes of The Pilgrimage of Ian St. Ritz, which I did.  I was happier with it after I'd done so.

As it turned out there were only four people there when I arrived -- Gene and Mike, and David, and Matt.  C.D. arrived later.  Gene had a chapter from his fantasy novel to read, but I went first.  He was expecting me to read a Grandpa Anarchy story, which proves that he hadn't read my blog post from yesterday because he didn't know I had a Tai-Pan story to read.  Tai-Pan stories always go first, so I read Pilgrimage.

It's about 10,000 words which takes a good hour and a half to read I suppose.  There were a lot of comments on it afterwards too, so in the end we skipped reading Gene's story this time around.  Luckily for me, though, all of the comments and problems are things that can be resolved with a new sentence or rewritten sentence or two, so there are no major structural problems with the story (that anyone else noticed, anyway).  I could do the rewrite tomorrow and hand it off to Gene for editing, which I'm going to attempt to do.

And then we talked for a while and I wrote down at least two new ideas for Grandpa Anarchy short stories (well, three even, one I didn't write down but it's easy to remember), all suggested by my friends (primarily C.D.).  So, new story files:

Feb 16  The Thing in the Suitcase
Feb 16  Mister Buffalo  (may need a better title)
Feb 16  Dead Again  (which is really a VERY short, but fully complete story idea just handed to me)

And an idea for a Tai-Pan comic into the bargain!  Maybe I can get my "draw something for January 2013" challenge out of the way!

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