Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Not Feeling It

I suck.  I don't feel like ever writing again.  I need to start writing now.

Friday night I went to work on a Tai-Pan story that I've been working on for something like five years (at least -- and that's one of the new stories).  I actually managed to finish it and I felt pretty good.

Saturday I felt different.  I didn't want to read the story, the new stuff sucked.  But I sat down and rewrote or tweaked the last several scenes, and then I felt much better about it.  I read it at writer's night, and I got back a lot of constructive feedback but nothing that required major rewriting (I did split one scene and move the second half to a new location and essentially rewrote that scene though).  But, essentially, I felt really good about the results and how people reacted to the story.

Sunday I sat down in the morning and did my rewrites first thing.  That's, like, a record for me or something.  But I felt even better about the story -- I still do.

And I was going to maybe work on a Grandpa Anarchy story or something, but instead I watched some anime and wasted most of the day, and got nothing written.

So today I just don't feel like writing.  It's one of those things, if I'm not writing then it's hard to start writing again.  I was going to work on a Grandpa Anarchy story, but I don't feel inspired.  I opened up one of my huge Girl's School files, and it all sucks, I don't want to work on it.

When I feel like this, the only solution is to start writing anyway.  So I'm going to try and get something written tonight -- anything, it doesn't matter.  You can't wait for inspiration to strike, you need to make it happen.  Creativity is mostly hard work.  I have a book, The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, that makes this case very clearly.  Whatever your creative pursuit, you don't sit around waiting for inspiration to come to you, you need to work at your craft every single day.

So I guess I'll see what I can accomplish before I go to bed tonight.

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