Monday, January 23, 2017


I'm feeling pretty optimistic about my writing today.  For one thing, I realized that I do have  three (well,  two after today) complete stories in the queue -- for some reason I didn't have Super Freak transferred to my home computer, so I miscounted.  Now that  I've published Until That Day, I have Super Freak and Gate Into Danger waiting to go, so that gives me  two weeks to write more.

Secondly, when I read Until That Day on Saturday I noticed some things I wanted to clean up.  When I worked through it today before publishing, some of those things were already fixed.  Turns out I had a more recent copy of the story on my work computer that I hadn't transferred to the thumb drive, so some of the things that bugged me about the story I read had already been fixed.

Thirdly, I'm now working on four different stories and I feel like I can finish all of them and make them work.  Logically I know I won't finish all four this week, but even two by Friday would be a very good thing.  I'm working on The Ghost and Miss Bloodraven, which has two completed scenes and I worked on the third one today; The Cephalopod That Befriended the Wind which has a half-completed first scene; and two new stories with working titles:  DoppleGangLord and Murderbot 150, both of which I worked on today.

So... things are looking up again.  ^_^

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