Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Writing Goals for 2016 and New Goals for 2017

Normally I do a formal post about my writing goals for the year, and then I provide occasional updates throughout the year detailing what I've written and when, and how it lines up with my goals.

Last year my New Year's writing goals for last year were summed up in a single paragraph:

Goals for 2016:  Pretty much exactly what my goals were for 2015 -- that is, write 2 Grandpa Anarchy stories a month, write a story set in my fantasy universe, finish my third magical girl adventure arc in Girl's School and also begin the next chapters after that.  Also, publish the rest of what I've written for Girl's School, and get my Grandpa Anarchy book published.

After that I never really did any detailed post about how I was meeting those goals -- at least, not one showing what I'd written when.  I could go back and try to calculate what was written when, I mentioned what I'd worked on recently in various posts throughout the year -- but I guess I don't care that much so I'm not going to bother, for now.

In any case, how well did I do on these goals?  Well, I did not work on Girl's School or work on getting my Grandpa Anarchy book published.  I didn't finish a story set in my fantasy universe, but I wrote a first scene so I'm counting that as a big success, since it's more than I've previously accomplished.  I also worked on an unrelated anime fanfic story, but while I got a ton written on it, it's kind of a mess and less than half complete, so I don't really know what to say about that.

For now all of my writing success has been with my Grandpa Anarchy stories.  The short version goes something like this:

Jan - April:  I wrote a few stories to try and complete book 5.  There are still several stories in book 5 that remain unfinished.

April:  For Camp NaNoWriMo I set out to write the stories for book 6, which was intended to be a long series of interconnected stories.  I think I finished about 5 or so stories, so I failed to meet my goal.

May-July:  As Camp NaNo July approached, I jumped back into my writing and by the end of July I had most of the stories for book 6 written.  Ultimately 2 are still unfinished, although I've been working on one of those this past week.

August-Dec:  In late August I decided to launch my Grandpa Anarchy Story Blog, in which I post one new story each Monday.  This requires me to write at least one new story a week, something I've managed to keep doing for the rest of the year -- and something above and beyond my original goal for 2016.  So to that end, I've been pretty successful.  All of the new stories were tossed into a hypothetical Book 8 (Book 7 would be the unfinished novel Serial Anarchy).

Book 5 Stories:

1/18/2016  Gorgon Gun (#160)
1/19/2016  Sharp Dressed Man (#163)
1/22/2016  Old Boys Club (#171)
10/11/2016  Sisterly Love

Book 1 Stories:

Short Circuit

Book 6 Stories:

Opportunity of a Lifetime
Shadow Secrets
Superpowered Self Defense
Eclipsed In Time
Legal Eagle
Chaos and Order
Status Report
Prison World
One Night In Happy Jack's
Wight Stuff
Meanwhile In Frosthaven
Meanwhile In Intersect
Meanwhile On Planet Zorlthrax x9
Gloom and Doom
Blessed and Cursed
Strike the Worm
The Nonhumans
Painted Into a Corner
Bombs Away
Daughters of Anarchy
When We Last Left Our Heroes
Girl Gravity
Green-Skinned Alien Babe
Further Adventures of Grandpa Anarchy
Llahna's Girl
Nursery Rhymes
Secret Crisis Wars
Time Waits For No Ninja
Fairytale Physics
Above the Law
Funeral For A Friend
Grandpa Anarchy 101
No Surprises
Super Secretary
Super Vacation

Book 8 Stories:

Just A Story
Teddy's Bear
Write Your Way Out
Apocalypse Blues
Rubber Forehead Theory
Code Habanero
Rock On
Graveyard Smash
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
Buckets of Blood
Bug's Life
Annie Two
New Car
Unfinished Painting
Return of the Roaring Rangers
Meeting of the Minds
Until That Day
Rosario's Model
Mauve Mist
Super Freak

Unless I miscounted, that's 67 new stories, well over the 24 I was shooting for.

So for 2017 my goals are going to be simple:  1.  Keep Writing a Grandpa Anarchy story a week so that I can keep publishing on my story blog,  2.  Try to finish at least one of my original fantasy stories, and 3.  Try to publish my book, as well as prepare books 2 and 3.  But that will also required 4.  Rewrite World of Hero.  Again.

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