Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Grandpa's Valentine?

I'm still trying to finish off several stories.  I'm working on The Ghost and Miss Raven, and the Cephalopod that Befriended the Wind.  I finished a story called Beside Myself last week, but I wasn't sure how well it worked, it may need a rewrite.  And I've also been working on a new Murderbot story, currently titled Murderbot 150 but I'll come up with a better title eventually.  And I have another story idea with a title of My Sister the Computer.

Today I thought that maybe I should do another topical story based on Valentine's Day.  I don't think about romance in the Grandpa Anarchy universe enough, so it seemed like a good idea.  Of course, Grandpa doesn't have a current romantic interest and hasn't for many years, but he was married at least once and had a son, and fathered another son with a Soviet hero at the end of World War II.  But how much do I know about his romantic life?

From my timeline, here's what I have:

1933 Theodore Paul Smith (Kid Anarchy) marries Lucy.
1934 Birth of Theodore Paul Smith's son Steve.
1972 Birth of Clair, daughter of Steve Smith (Grandpa's son).
2005 Birth of Elsie, daughter of Claire Smith (Surname).

Now, I established all this because at the time I was writing Return to Amethyst, and that started with Grandpa's great granddaughter Elsie showing up on his front porch, so I had to figure out if it was possible for him to have a great granddaughter of the right age.  What I didn't bother to do is figure anything out about who his wife Lucy was and who his son Steve was (or still is).  Since his wife isn't mentioned again, there's a very good chance that he was divorced after only a few years.  But who was she?  Was she just some normal girl he met?  Or was she another super?

I've already established that Grandpa worked with several female "companions" in the 1920's, when he was a young man.  All of them had powers of some sort.  Perhaps this Lucy was another companion that he fell in love with?  What happened to her and her son after they divorced?  Given that Grandpa never married again, was this his one and only true love?  When did she die?  Or did she?  What if she was a villain?  Is his son still alive?  He'd be an old man, of course.  Was his son ever a hero?

As you can see, there are things here to explore.  I just need to figure out which way to go and what makes the most interesting story.

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