Monday, June 24, 2013

Yay, Story Written!

For better or worse, An Inconvenient Airship is finished.  I don't think it's one of my better Grandpa Anarchy stories... it feels long and with a weak ending.  But I liked the general idea of the story itself, so whatever.

I'm not entirely convinced that Kid Continuity should be the sidekick in this story.  Punk Rock Girl would work just as well, and it feels like Kid Continuity needs to be in a story where she can reference Grandpa's past exploits several times (because... Kid Continuity).  This story is already too crowded for that, though I did squeeze in one such reference.

But the point is, I managed to complete a story, the first in over a month.  This does not explain why Patent Troll isn't finished, as I have the entire plot for that one (with a much stronger ending, I think).  That should be my next goal.

I have to figure out which story Kid Continuity really should be in.  Also, I need to clean up the Baron's dialogue... and then go back to his other appearances and fix them too.  Chuck says he needs a German accent, so now he has one.  Possibly a fake one, I think, but nonetheless, he has one.

But I accomplished something, at least!

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