Saturday, June 1, 2013

End of May Writing Update

There's very little to say as I haven't been doing a lot of writing the last two months, but even that little bit I've done I've failed to document so here were go.

2013 Goals:

Goal 1 - Write a Grandpa Anarchy Story a Week:

January 2013

Jan 19:  DarkFireDragonNinja  (begun several years ago)
Jan 24:  OmniGen Again  (begun Jan 23)
Jan 25:  Veteran of the Bone Wars  (begun Dec 30)
Jan 29:  Nemesis  (begun Dec 10)

February 2013

Jan 31:  Turncoats (begun Dec 8)
Feb 3:  There Ain't No Justice  (begun Nov 29)
Feb 5:  City of the Monkey God  (begun Nov 26)
Feb 7:  Future Me  (begun Jan 31)

March 2013

Feb 10:  Roll of the Die  (begun Feb 10)
Feb 11:  Trouble Focusing  (begun, Nov 21, in theory)
Feb 19:  Dead Again  (begun Feb 18)
Apr 24:  Most Dangerous  (begun Feb 09)

April 2013

Apr 27:  The Thing in the Suitcase  (begun Feb 16)

I completed no new stories in May.  :/   I'm about 7 stories behind in my goal now.

Goal 2 - Write a Tai-Pan Story a Month:

Feb 16  The Pilgrimage of Ian St. Ritz  (January Tai-Pan story, 10,000 words)
Feb 23:  Space Miner Blues
Feb 23:  Banker Blues
Mar 07:  Hair of the Throug that Bit Me
Mar 17:  Cursed Be Ye Who Moves These Bones

Nothing new to report here, I've toyed with Chance Encounter most recently.  But technically I'm not behind in my goals.

Goals 3 & 4

No progress on my other goals.  As for the Grandpa Anarchy book... I've reworked a couple of stories, that's it.


I keep writing down new ideas for Grandpa Anarchy stories.  Here's the full list of ideas I've come up with since 2013 started:

Jan 15  Grandpa Anarchy and the Fiendishly Foul Fetid Frog
Jan 24  OmniGen Again  (complete Jan 26)  824 words
Jan 26  Toolbar Wizard
Jan 30  Thunderbird Blues
Jan 31  Hackernaut
Jan 31  Future Me  (completed Feb 7)  1,508 words
Feb 03  Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Feb 09  Most Dangerous  (Finished April 23)
Feb 09  Gutbucket Magic
Feb 10  Roll of the Die (completed Feb 10, same night)  875 words
Feb 12  Brothers and Sisters
Feb 13  Stronger
Feb 16  Dead Again  (finished Feb 19)
Feb 16  The Thing in the Suitcase  (Finished April 27)
Feb 16  Mister Buffalo
Feb 17  Pandora's Closet
Feb 19  Anarchy Is Forever
Feb 24  Hero's Sacrifice
Feb 25  The Crystal Weenie
Feb 25  Alien Space Bats
Mar 09  Killer Asteroid
Apr 09  The Apocalypse Meme
Apr 24  Your Stupid, Stupid Minds
Apr 24  Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Apr 29  Throw Me a Trope
Apr 30  Timey Wimey Ball
Apr 30  Time of Your Life
May 05  Gone Again
May 25  Take Me Back to Constantinople

Take Me Back to Constantinople is virtually the only story I did any work on in May.

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