Monday, June 17, 2013

My Friends Are Clever

My friends are far too clever.  Saturday night, writer's night, no one had anything new to read, but I have a large trove of Grandpa Anarchy stories that I have not yet read so I read two of them.  The first, "Trouble Focusing", involves a rematch with Baron Climate Change and a sidekick named Punk Rock Girl.  It was pointed out that Punk Rock Girl needed a stronger Brit slang, which I fixed based on helpful suggestions, and Chuck thought that Baron Climate Change needs a fake German accent, which I haven't fixed yet but I can see that this would work.  But mostly it was the two invisible smog monsters that they improved upon.  Matt (I think it was) said that there should be 3 of them, so that I could have a three piece soot.  Chuck suggested that they should be wearing zoot suits.  I liked both ideas, but can only really use the first one in this story... which probably means Baron Climate Change will have to appear again in a third story.  And he was kind of a silly throwaway character to start with, too.  ^_^

My second story was Dead Again, based on an idea from C.D.  Gene pointed out that I hadn't actually used the ending line that C.D. provided, so I fixed that, and adjusted the ending also to satisfy two other comments.  The main characters in the story are a new male sidekick named Rainbow Raider and a former sidekick named Dog Is My Copilot (a female with fur and the head of a dog, who only talks in barks and growls).  People (Dave and Sheryl I think) asked if Dog Is My Copilot had aviator's goggles, or a scarf, and said she should have two licenses around her neck -- pilot's license and dog's license.  Well, OBVIOUSLY.  Why hadn't I thought of any of that?  I have to go back and change at least two other stories now.

Meanwhile Chuck pointed out that Rainbow Raider was a name already in use, and while we mused on what other name I could use, Sheryl's friend suggested a female named Broad Spectrum.  Dang.  That was too good not to use as well, so the story's been rewritten now.

Sunday I actually worked on one of my unfinished stories, I got about 1/2 of Patent Troll finished.  I also created three new story files this weekend:

June 15  The Ferver and Furor of the Führer
June 15  Retirement
June 17  An Inconvenient Airship

So just for the sake of doing it, here's my entire list of unfinished Grandpa Anarchy stories/story ideas:

Dark Lord of Midnight
Lights Out
Performance Review
Stepping Out
Dec 11  Troubador  Grandpa Anarchy faces a singing villain
Dec 12  Love, Grandma  Grandpa Anarchy vs. Grandma Chaos
Jan 15  Grandpa Anarchy and the Fiendishly Foul Fetid Frog
Jan 26  Toolbar Wizard
Jan 30  Thunderbird Blues
Jan 31  Hackernaut
Feb 03  Miles to Go Before I Sleep
Feb 09  Gutbucket Magic
Feb 12  Brothers and Sisters
Feb 13  Stronger
Feb 16  Mister Buffalo
Feb 17  Pandora's Closet
Feb 19  Anarchy Is Forever
Feb 24  Hero's Sacrifice
Feb 25  The Crystal Weenie
Feb 25  Alien Space Bats
Mar 09  Killer Asteroid
Apr 09  The Apocalypse Meme
Apr 24  Your Stupid, Stupid Minds
Apri 24  Never Give Up, Never Surrender
Apr 29  Throw Me a Trope
Apr 30  Timey Wimey Ball
Apr 30  Time of Your Life
May 05  Gone Again
May 25  Take Me Back to Constantinople
June 05  The Chef That Time Forgot
June 05  Maid Service
June 06  Endangered Species
June 06  Patent Troll
June 15  The Ferver and Furor of the Führer
June 15  Retirement
June 17  An Inconvenient Airship

That's 37.  I need to finish a few of these....

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