Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mid June Update

It's the third Saturday of the month of June, and that means Writer's Night, which I will be headed to in just a few minutes.  I had planned to write something this week at least, but I haven't really written anything.  All I've really managed is to create more Grandpa Anarchy "story ideas", some of them with actual dialogue or fully-formed plot ideas, some just titles:

May 05  Gone Again
May 25  Take Me Back to Constantinople
June 05  The Chef That Time Forgot
June 05  Maid Service
June 06  Endangered Species
June 06  Patent Troll
June 15  The Ferver and Furor of the Führer

I also did a bit of work on Miles To Go Before I Sleep.  Of the above, I have a solid idea for Miles To Go and a fully-formed plot for Patent Troll (needs a better name), and pretty much a full idea for Endangered Species.  The others, not so much.  The last title is nothing but a title suggested by a Twitter post from my friend Gene, I don't know where I might take it.

But at least I've written down ideas, if I haven't really worked on them.

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