Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Kid Continuity Era

My plan, even though I figured it was doomed to fail, was to write three stories Friday in order to catch up to my goal of one a day for the week.  I didn't come close, of course, but by Saturday morning I had two stories fully plotted out.  Like the last one, both of these involve Grandpa's current sidekick, Kid Continuity.

I figured I could finish both and maybe even write a third, but by Sunday evening I'd only finished one, Dark Anarchy.  I'm not sure if it works -- I like the punch line ending, but the story as a whole feels too long, and I struggled with point of view problems with this story from the beginning.  Most of it should be from Kid Continuity's point of view, but a key part of it happens when she's not present.  In the end, I tried to not employ a point of view at all, but to have Kid Continuity speak all of her observations out loud.

The other story in progress is called Ruse.  I didn't have a plot for that one Friday night, but I solved that when I was half asleep Saturday morning and wrote down what I came up with so I wouldn't forget.  This is the one where Kid Continuity gets to reference past stories as if she's a comic book editor, so I needed a story with multiple characters who had been in previous stories.  I managed that too, but I'm still fleshing out the story itself.  Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

Anyway, these will form a sort of Kid Continuity trilogy -- and she might still get mentioned as the sidekick in An Inconvenient Airship, I'm not certain yet.  I like the character, but I think I've now explored all of the aspects of her that I need to.  Whatever story follows these will probably require a different sidekick.

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