Friday, February 17, 2017

My Gun Is Sharp

So I have seven unfinished stories or story files that I'm working on that I have the plots for in my head, and that probably belong in Book 8 - High Tech Fisticuffs:

The Cephalopod That Befriended the Wind
The Devil and Miss Elsie
Glass Cannon
Great Grandma's Magic Ring
The Companions
Who Is the Gentleman Brawler?

Some of these are working titles, mind you.  I'll almost certainly need to change the title of Great Grandma's Magic Ring, since it's a story about the discovery of that ring.  Glass Cannon is just the name of the sidekick in that story.  Who Is the Gentleman Brawler? is where I figure out where he's disappeared to -- but he'd be in disguise as someone else, so that's a bad title for that story.

Still, these are the stories that I want to complete in the next few weeks.  I've been working on Cephalopod for a few weeks now, and I worked a bit this week on Great Grandma's Magic Ring.  That's probably the next one I want to finish, it definitely comes before The Companions and The Devil and Miss Elsie.  The Cephalopod story needs to happen before most of these others too.

I moved everything else -- all my other story ideas and files -- into a new folder, Book 9.  I gave it the title of My Gun Is Sharp, which is also the title of one of my story files.  There's no actual story idea associated with this though -- it's just a fun and kind of stupid-sounding play on the Mickey Spillane story My Gun Is Quick, so it actually works well as a book title rather than me coming up with a story to fit the title.  Although who knows, maybe I still will.

Some of the story ideas that I put in this new book include two more stories involving Kid Anarchy and his companions, based on pulpometer / fake pulp story titles:  The Secrets of the Shrieking Forest, and The Thing In the Ice.  I have two Christmas ghost story ideas in there (Two-Fisted Santa, and Zuzu's Petals), an idea for a story about Black Friday (called Black Friday of course), and some very old story ideas that I haven't gotten around to for over a year (examples:  The King Am I, about Kid Calculus deciding he should now be called Emperor Calculus, Wheeling and Dealing, about trying to work out a trade between two supergroups as if they're sports teams, Pharmacopia, about some sort of giant lizardman living in the sewer (think Spiderman's villain the Lizard) named Big Pharmasaurus, who is waging a war against anti-vaxxers or something, and Tyrone the Great, which is a story about cereal mascot Tyrone the Tiger being taken in on charges of sexual assault.  Also there's some story fragments and research notes that I don't know what to do with:  "Cannot Scream" trope references, free mason conspiracies (researched for Truthiness), Stargate extras (from Gate Into Danger), my Heartthrob 6000 bit that I wrote about before.

I probably won't get anything else written this weekend though.

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