Monday, February 13, 2017

Book 9?

How many short stories make a book?  This is an especially vexing problem when you haven't even published your first book, but are trying to figure out what goes into book 8.

I've been assembling my Grandpa Anarchy stories into "books" for a while now.  I collect a group of  stories roughly by when they were written, and put them in a folder with a possible book title.  I still need to go back and finish writing or reworking some stories so that's my excuse for not having published anything -- I think I want to work on that for Camp NaNoWriMo in April.  In any case, Book 6 was a series of related stories that I worked on for Camp NaNo last year, both in April and July.  I have one or two stories in that collection still to write, but for the most part that's all done.  I decided that an unfinished novel called Serial Anarchy would be Book 7, and so when I began publishing on a web blog in August, I created a Book 8 folder, which I eventually titled "High Tech Fisticuffs", partly because of the stories involving F8Wasp and Annie Two.

220:  Just A Story
221:  Teddy's Bear
222:  Write Your Way Out
223:  Epiphany
224:  Presentation
225:  Apocalypse Blues
226:  Rubber Forehead Theory
227:  Code Habanero
228:  Rock On
229:   Truthiness
230:  Graveyard Smash
231:  Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
232:  Buckets of Blood
233:  Bug's Life
234:  Annie Two
235:  New Car
236:  The Unfinished Painting
237:  Return of the Roaring Rangers
238:  A Meeting of the Minds
239:  Until That Day
240;  Rosario's Model
241:  The Mauve Mist
242:  Super Freak
243:  Gate Into Danger
244:  Beside Myself
245:  The Ghost and Miss Bloodraven
246:  Murderbot 150
247:  My Sister, the Computer
248:  If You're In Berlin

As of this morning I have 29 stories written for this folder, so I'm nearing the end of my "book".  These are mostly unrelated stories, although a large number of them involve just a couple of sidekicks.  I haven't decided if there's a theme to bring things to a close, or at what point I should decide to start a new book.  Especially given the fact that I have several stories yet to complete:

The Cephalapod that Befriended the Wind:  This story is largely a look back at Kid Anarchy and one of his companions from the 1920's, Hurricane Hazel.  However, the first scene as written has F8Wasp as Grandpa's sidekick so it would take place before My Sister, The Computer.

Great-Grandmother's Ring:  wherein Grandpa's great granddaughter discovers his wife's magic ring.

The Companions:  A story in which Continuitae and Annie Two co-author a book on Kid Anarchy and the companions he worked with in the 1920's.

The Devil and Miss Elsie:  A story that takes place after the above two stories, when  the full story of who Elsie's great grandmother was has come out.

Glass Canon:  This is a story that takes place after If You're in Berlin, because Grandpa's sidekick is now the Glass Cannon.

The Secrets of the Shrieking Forest
The Thing In the Ice

These are two story titles for stories that involve Kid Anarchy and two of his companions.  One apparently involves Lady Prometheus and Elias Nova, and the other involves Sub-Zero Sadie.  I have no actualy plots for these stories (well, kind of an idea for the second) but I'd kind of like to write at least one story for each of the companions.  I'm not sure if these stories need to happen before The Companions or not.

If I wrote all of the above stories and included them in book 8 that would be 36 stories total.  Although it's possible that The Devil and Miss Elsie is a good closing point for the book.  Something for me to think about.

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