Monday, June 16, 2014

Goals For the Rest of June, I Guess

I haven't written anything for more than a week.  The first weekend of June I got sick, and I was sick for most of the next week.  I didn't feel like writing anything.  This past weekend I was feeling much better, but it only takes a week to fall out of the habit of writing regularly, so I got very little done.

What I want to do -- what I absolutely need to do -- is finish World of Hero.  Already I want to  reread through the parts I have finished and start reworking them, but I haven't finished the story yet.  I need to do that first.  Then I need to finish Return to Amethyst.  And I need to do both before July 1st, because I want to do something different for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.  So I have 2 weeks to get things done.

What I actually did this past weekend was start a new short story.  This one I call Substitute, because the whole idea is for Grandpa Anarchy to become a one-day substitute teacher at a school for gifted students -- something like Professor X's Academy, only without mentioning the word mutant.  As soon as I had the idea I  thought it was brilliant and wrote it down, then went to bed, then got up again because I had too many ideas/jokes in my head for the story and wanted to write them down.  On the one hand I'm glad I wrote all of that down because I wouldn't have remembered the next day.  On the other hand, all I have are a setting and some jokes.  I can't figure out an ending that works for me yet.  But I still like the idea.

I watched a lot of Stargate SG1 this weekend.  I'm working my way through season 3 now.  I know I'll eventually get around to writing at least one "stargate" story for Grandpa Anarchy as well, Gate Into Danger, I'm just waiting for the right inspiration to strike.

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