Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trying to Finish For June / July Goals

I've been struggling to rework and finish World of Hero.  I went back yet again this week and rewrote bits of parts 1 and 2.  Each time I do this, I think I improve the story -- I give it more of a narrative drive, especially in the first two parts which at times have felt like they take place before the real story begins.  I don't think that's actually true, I just haven't been telling the story in a very compelling way.

My most recent change was to add one of the player characters to the initial parts of the story.  A large part of the story involves the people that played the game and their desire to see the game return, but previously I'd had this one character in a prologue and a couple of other scenes, but not involved in the main plot at all until part 3.  That seemed like a problem to me, so I reworked it to add her in, and things began to work better.

But all of this means that I've basically been reworking the first three sections of the  story over and over, without moving on to section 4 and finishing the thing.  Part of the problem is that I've gotten into the habit of going home and not sitting down to write, so I'm only getting a little bit written each day on my breaks and lunch at work.

Camp NaNoWriMo is in 5 days, July 1st.  I still don't know what exactly I plan to do for that.  My original plan was to finish World of Hero and also Return to Amethyst by July 1st, and then work on something different -- probably a Tai-Pan story.  But it's looking like I won't manage to finish these two larger Grandpa Anarchy stories before then.  Yet I'm determined to finish them and not abandon them half-finished, so I may make finishing them the first part of my Camp NaNo goal, and then the rest of the month finishing other things.  Despite my desire to work on non-Grandpa Anarchy stories, I have 3-6 short stories that I'd like to write, and I also want to work on Second Class.  I'd like to finish at least one Tai-Pan story, most likely Chance Encounter, and maybe another shorter one.  I'd also like to work on something in my Otherworld Blues universe, which I've had on the back burner for many years and for which I've never actually written a complete story.

So I dunno.  I guess my goals are:

1.  Finish World of Hero.
2.  Finish Return to Amethyst.
3.  Write Chance Encounter.
4.  Write a short Tai-Pan story, or
5.  Write a short Otherworld Blues story, or
6.  Write any of the following:  Hip Bone, Maps of Vampires that No Longer Exist, The Goul Story, Gate Into Danger, Performance Review, Substitute, or The Thug Story.
7.  Work on Second Class.

Some collection of the above will probably be my goal for July Camp NaNoWriMo.

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