Friday, January 3, 2014

Second Class

In keeping with my New Year's resolutions, I got right to work on Second Class the last two days and now I have the first two scenes fully written.

I think I've decided to write this as a multi-plot story that will probably be novel-length, a short novel at least.  We'll see, but it's enough plots to run pretty long.  The problem is that my overall idea/goal is "the Black Moon Maidens hire new members and form an entire second team".  In order to accomplish this, most of my plots have to happen pretty much concurrently.  For one thing, the impetus for having a second team is that the team has two problems at once to solve -- which is two of the plots right there, one involving Dahlia's brother getting kidnapped by cultists, and the other involving Fire Maiden getting kidnapped by a stalker.

A third plot involves Nina Ballerina leaving the League of Two-Fisted Justice (doesn't fit in anymore) and later joining the Black Moon Maidens as leader of their second team.  Obviously, this has to happen at the same time.  A fourth plot involves the team's search for a tech-minded member, which is Dahlia's top priority before they add anyone else.  This one involves a new villain that they fight more than once, and later convince to "come to the good side".  While this doesn't absolutely have to happen at exactly the same time, it fits naturally into everything going on in this story.

The last big plot is an idea I had a couple of weeks ago... in another story, DarkFireNinjaCatgirl helps out the Continuity Crusaders and is rewarded some of the super-soldier serum that gave Grandpa Anarchy his strength, toughness, and longevity.  I thought, "What if DarkFireNinjaCatgirl brought back enough for the whole team?"  I wrote up a scene that dealt with this idea, but there wasn't an actual plot there -- I mean, maybe Black Dahlia kind of objects to the idea, but the other members would probably embrace it and then she would eventually too.  Where's the story?  Where's the surprise?  The serum pretty much works as advertised, so there's no "Surprise!  You grew a third arm!" sort of scenario I wanted to explore.

But if I place it in the middle of everything else I'm writing here, it adds one more bit of intrigue.  I think Nina would want some of that serum if she got the chance, and Dahlia might be inclined to give hers to her brother since he's already been placed in danger once because of her.

So anyway... two scenes written on a very complicated story.  We'll see how far I get on it!

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