Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Stories That I Absolutely Need To Write

And we're not talking Tai-Pan stories (I have many that I need to write), fanfction stories (I have much to write and hope to do so in November) or original fantasy fiction (I need to start writing in my Otherworld Blues universe SOME day).  No, I'm just talking about Grandpa Anarchy stories here, because while I've written 95 stories total (86 of them in the last calendar year, since October 2012), I have several stories that are important to my overall plots that remain unfinished or in dire need of a complete rewrite.  In the same way that I knew last January that I absolutely had to finish Turncoats and Nemesis for inclusion in the first book, I know I need to write the following:

1.  World of Hero  I actually wrote this and finished it last November, in tribute to the ending of my favorite game City of Heroes.  It sucked.  It really, really sucked.  I started rewriting it in June and July of this year but I didn't get very far.  I like the scenes that I rewrote, but I need to find a way to get to the point faster.  I have a good idea of where the original story went wrong and how to fix it, I just haven't actually written it yet.

This story is important because it introduces Lard Lad (who appears in several stories later, including one that will be published in book 1), it's my first (and only, I believe) story involving the entire League of Two-Fisted Justice, and because I have plans for the Carnival Act from the World of Hero world to eventually appear in Grandpa Anarchy's world.

It's the oldest story that remains unwritten (oldest as in takes place before other stories that have been written).  My plan is to place it in the second book -- if I can get it rewritten properly.

2.  Stronger  Although this is just an idea at the moment, I've already penciled it in as the last story of Book 2.  It's an important story that deals with Grandpa Anarchy's back story and history -- the reasons why he was so desperate to become stronger at any cost.  It deals with the death of his mentor and also his guilt over the deaths of others he's worked with.  Finally, it's a time-travel tale of revenge, and who can resist that?

3.  Performance Review  One of my oldest unfinished stories, it's a simple concept (Grandpa has to go through a review to renew his hero's license) but it's a nice world-building type of story that I've always thought needed to be written.  I tend to highlight these stories in my head, if nowhere else -- Supper Soldier gives you a lot of background on how Grandpa Anarchy came to be; What You Should Know fills in a lot of detail on where he lives and what his sidekicks have to deal with.  Turncoats and Nemesis both feature the League of Former Sidekicks and build on the background I've created, and Two-Fisted Christmas Ghost Story builds on all of that, which is why it's the story to end Book 1.  Performance Review is a similar story -- and kind of a companion piece to The R Word, I think.

4.  Return to Amethyst  This is a planned trilogy in the mold of the original Amethyst trilogy.  I've already written nearly the entire first story of the trilogy, but I'd of course like to finish these stories off.  These stories also introduce a great-granddaughter (or great-great-granddaughter?  I forget) of Grandpa's, so it involves some fleshing out of his background history.

5.  A Glitch in Time  I've been trying to work on this story this week.  It's the middle of what is currently a trilogy of stories involving the Continuity Crusaders.  The other two are finished, so this one needs to be finished too.  It also introduces an important villain for that team.

6.  Second Class  My "the Black Moon Maidens hire a second team for their group" story.  Right now this is a large, sprawling mess, mostly unwritten.  But important things happen in this story, not the least of which is that Nina Ballerina leaves the League of Two-Fisted Justice.  I've already written the story where they hire her replacement, so obviously it's important to finish this story at some point.

7.  The Eagle Has Landed  Less important than the others, but this story will introduce a relative of Grandpa Anarchy's (granddaughter or great-granddaughter) from Russia.  I'm looking forward to fleshing out this history.

8.  Unpossible  Delves into the background of Unpossible Man, something I'm very interested in doing.  I have a possible sequel to this as well in Sanctum Sanitorium.

Anyway I think those are the ones that need to be written.  I have a lot of random story ideas that don't involve any real plot or story development whatsoever.

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