Monday, October 14, 2013

Several Stabs at Writing

Over the weekend I spent time plotting out my "The Black Moon Maidens Hire More People" story.  (Currently I'm calling it Second Class which is kind of a cheesy take off of X-Men:  First Class.)  It's either going to be an interesting long story that's very different from most of my Grandpa Anarchy stories, or it's seriously overplotted and will never be finished.  At the moment I have at least three different villains and two subplots involving Nina leaving the League of Two-Fisted Justice and the other involving Dahlia's brother.  The second may be gratuitous, or it may all work since the subplot ties directly into one of the main villain plots, just as the Nina plot feeds into the overall plot of the Maidens hiring new people.  As for the three villains?  One of them could turn out to be the tech-expert member the Maidens are looking for, while the other two help to split the team's focus, providing a reason for needing a second team.

But like I said, maybe overplotted and something I won't actually finish.  We'll see.

Today I came up with three new story ideas:  That Sinking Feeling in which Grandpa encounters quicksand; Final Call, which deals with the trope that a pilot about to die makes an emotional last call to their wife/girlfriend/daughter/mother/whatever (Grandpa probably knows he'll never die because he doesn't have anyone to call); and Legality, in which Grandpa discovers that his sidekick Illegal Immigrant Boy really is undocumented, which is a problem when trying to defend a U.S. Senator.  Just ideas, although That Sinking Feeling and Legality have mostly written themselves in my head already.

I also worked on Unpossible for a bit today.  I've decided that the joke in that story is to intersperse scenes of Unpossible Man's birth, early life, and discovery of his superpowers with increasingly outrageous stories that he tells about where his powers really come from.  He's apparently always been super strong and night-invulnerable, but likes to tell people he's the only survivor from the planet Pluton or Xoxox, that he was bitten by a radioactive wombat (or possibly a radioactive spelunker), that he was the result of a top secret super soldier project, or that he was a "gamma radiation scientist" who experimented on himself, but he doesn't turn green.  Or just that his powers are all due to his special power armor suit that just happens to look like ordinary spandex.

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