Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rewrites and Plans

Yesterday I reworked Hero's Sacrifice.  I wasn't satisfied with the results, but at least it was better.

Last night I reworked the section of Youth is Wasted on the Young that really bugged me.  This is the quest for the fountain of youth that the Archons of Excellence go on with Grandpa and Nina.  What I really disliked about the original version is you didn't  get a strong sense of the heroes going on a long, dangerous quest, or of how powerful Sun Wukong and the other Archons are.  I added in several short scenes that take place during the quest at different points.  I'm not sure if it's entirely successful now, but it's at least improved.  I got a chance to foreshadow Sun Wukong's upcoming marriage too, so that was good.

Today I reworked Hero's Sacrifice yet again.  This time I really do think I got it working well.  The previous versions didn't really have a sense of urgency, of danger or danger averted.  I think I figured that part out now -- we'll see how others react to it, I guess.

I think my plan for October is to write at least four Grandpa Anarchy stories (one a week) and at least one Tai-Pan story, and one fantasy story (or work on one, at least).  Also I think I'm going to gear up to work on my anime fan fiction story in November for NaNoWriMo.

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