Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mission Accomplished

My goal for the weekend was to finish up A Glitch in Time, my second (of three so far) Continuity Crusader stories.  I finally managed to do it tonight.  This is one of my longer stories, 3,823 words, five or six scenes.  I think it works, mostly, although I probably need to go back later and rework parts of it.

Anyway, mission accomplished!  Next I think I need to work on Unpossible or Stronger or go back to finish Return to Amethyst.

Lights flashed.  Sirens screamed.  In a room that looked like the command deck of Nick Fury's S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier if it were stuffed into a small garage, a young man and woman in matching blue and white uniforms stared at complex computer displays.
Kid Continuity strode into the room like Captain Kirk onto the deck of the Enterprise.  She wore a blue and white spandex uniform with a squared-off geometric celtic knot on the chest.  "That's the continuity alarm!" she exclaimed.  "Bryce!  En!  What's up?  Talk to me!"
"Bad news, boss," En said.  "Grandpa Anarchy's been killed."
"That's not an anomaly," Kid Continuity replied.  "Grandpa has died eleven time by my count."
"Who killed him?"  This came from Ravella the Traveler, who had followed Kid Continuity into the room.  She had dark skin and straight black hair, and was dressed like Lara Croft.  
"Good question," Bryce replied.  "A Nazi villain named Reich-Brained...."
Kid Continuity frowned.  "Never heard of him.  And if I don't know him...."
"He's a brand new Nazi psycho?" Ravella asked.
Mighty Tim and Wayback Lad entered the increasingly crowded room.  Tim was a sturdy man in a red and black leotard and tights, while Wayback Boy dressed as a World War I fighter pilot.
"According to this," said Bryce, "he's fought Grandpa on multiple occasions...."
"No he hasn't," snapped Kid Continuity.
"Now we're talking anomaly," said Wayback Boy.
Kid Continuity leaned over Bryce and began typing.  "This... it doesn't make any sense," she said.  "Reich-Brained was a generic stormtrooper mook with Doctor Zero Hour II before Grandpa killed him in 1959?"
"That's right," said En.  "He became a major foe of Grandpa Anarchy afterwards...."
"This is completely wrong," said Kid Continuity.  "Look, I don't keep track of mooks, but none of Zero Hour's henchmen survived that battle in 1959...."
Wayback Boy whistled low.  "That's not just a continuity problem," he said, "that's full blown alternate history."
"Time anomaly," agreed Kid Continuity.  "Why, I wonder?
"We need to fix this," said Wayback Boy.
"You think?" Kid Continuity replied.  "Everyone suit up.  Where's Natural Twenty?"
"Playing WoW, as usual," said Ravella.
"Well someone get her.  Wayback Boy...."
"I know, I know," Wayback Boy said.  "Set the wayback pack for 1959...."

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