Saturday, September 17, 2016

Writer's Night September 2016

So this month's writer's night was at my place -- and it could possibly be the last time I host writer's night in this apartment since my rent is up in December and I have yet to know by how much they want to raise the rent.  On the other hand, I don't want to move and rent is going up everywhere so the odds that I could find a cheaper place may be slim and none.  I'll stay put another year if I can possibly afford to.

Anyway Jeff showed up a bit early and we talked while I straightened up the room.  I bought pizza at Papa John's, and I bought way more than was needed but I never know what people are going to want, so I end up getting one of what I want (gourmet vegetarian) and one or two others.  This time around I knew at least that Chuck likes basic cheese with pepperoni, and as it happens Papa Johns has a deal for a $5.00 cheese and pepperoni pizza, so that was easy.  Chuck and Quinn showed up right at 7 PM, so we had four people total... and 3 pizzas.  Like I said, way too much.

Chuck didn't have anything new but he read several sections of his current Felicia story that Jeff and I hadn't heard yet -- he read them two months ago at Sheryl's place but I forgot about writer's night in July, so I missed that one.  he has some really interesting characters in this story and it's moving along very nicely -- I'd heard the opening scenes several times before, so it was nice to hear some of the newer stuff.

I read The Eagle Has Landed, one of my older Grandpa Anarchy stories (#107 out of at least 220) .  This one introduces the Russian Eagle, a hero who is possibly related to Grandpa Anarchy.  It's a fun story that back in July I said I needed to read at a writer's night at some point, and people liked it.

As I might have suspected, Jeff and Chuck didn't know about my Grandpa Anarchy Tales site that I started three weeks ago.  That's a disadvantage of me only being on Twitter... probably other people like Keith & Juli also don't know about it, since they also mostly do Facebook instead.  I suppose I could get a Facebook account just to announce when I've put a new story up but... nah.  I'm never going to have a Facebook account.

Things broke up right after that, so it was a surprisingly short meeting, but a good one I think.  ^_^

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  1. Even those of us who follow you on Twitter might have missed it...