Thursday, September 29, 2016

Weds Sept 29 2016 -- Short Update

I finished off another story last night.  This one felt like some that I write, where I was able to take an idea and turn it into a story even though I wasn't very inspired.  The end result is a story that I'm not sure I like -- but the other takeaway is that it's my 3rd story since last Friday, so that's good.  I would like to add one more story today or tomorrow, four in a week's time to get me back on target.  Come Monday I'll be publishing the last story I had in my queue before the three I've just written, so I need to have a few publishable stories done by a week from Monday.

The new story I ultimately titled Rock On.  I'm not really happy with that title, but I didn't have a title for it previously, it was just "Butt Rock Boy", which was the sidekick concept.  I imagined a robust debate between Butt Rock Boy and Death Medal over the merits of and the definition of butt rock, preferably during a battle, but that's not a plot in and of itself, and when I came up with a plot it ultimately felt a bit disjointed... as if the story goes one way and then sidetracks into a discussion on music for too long, and then comes back to an ending that is a little bit out of left field.  I tried to tweak it a bit to make the ending seem more organic and to tie in the rock conversation -- I'm not sure I succeeded.

But as I said, that's three new stories in the queue, at least one of which needs more work.  ^_^  One or two more would be ideal, so my goal today is another new story.  Also I want to try a Halloween themed story, I've never really done that and now would be the time to get it written.  ^_^

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