Monday, August 8, 2016

Still Writing!

I've got all of these ideas going in my head and I want to write them down.  Over the weekend I think I figured out how to plot and finish my oldest Grandpa Anarchy novella, World of Hero.  I jotted the ideas down because working on that story at this moment would be a huge undertaking, but it's something I need to do at some point.  Then I began thinking about another Grandpa Anarchy novella, Second Class, and now I have some ideas about how to make that one work, and I jotted those ideas down as well -- but again, working on the actual story would be a huge undertaking, even if I have scenes in my head right now and I want to write them down.

I reread a story this weekend titled Four Weddings and Nine Hundred Funerals.  This is one of those stories that began just with a funny title, but within the story I have:  a)  DarkFireNinjaCatgirl marries Popeye Khan  b)  later they divorce and then later still DarkFireNinjaCatgirl marries some Japanese samurai hero,  c)  Wayback Boy and Kid Continuity marry, and d)  Sixteen Tons and a hero called Copyright Infringement Boy marry.

Now all of these weddings are interrupted by armies of ninjas and various bad guy commando armies.  I used established characters the Glitch Kitten and DarkFireDragonNinja* for part of this, but I created new villains along the way -- a 19th century brain in a jar villain named the Clockwork Corsair, who is in love with DarkFireNinjaCatgirl, a villain named the Gentleman Monkey who opposed the wedding of Kid Continuity for some reason, and another villain named the Holy Hatemonger who despises the Black Moon Maidens.

The problem is that I wrote all of this and promptly forgot it.  There's never been any mention of DarkFireCatGirl being married, the Clockwork Corsair, Gentleman Monkey and Holy Hatemonger have never reappeared, and perhaps worst of all, I advanced a plotline where Wayback Boy and Kid Continuity are still at the dating stage and not married.  Some of this was a major problem -- but given that none of the weddings are shown being completed, it was easy to assume that some of the attacks had been successful in stopping them.  I decided that DarkFireNinjaCatgirl had not actually wed a second time, nor had Kid Continuity and Wayback Boy actually followed through with their vows.  I had to do a bit of quick rewriting to make that work, but I think I'm good now.  ^_^

The first thing that all of this brought to mind is that DarkFireNinjaCatgirl seems quite willing to jump into relationships head first.  That got me to wondering who she might be dating now, and I already have an answer.  I just need to figure out what story this news crops up in.

The second thing was that I really need to write about these villains again -- particularly the Holy Hatemonger.   There's a villain who needs to appear a few more times.  I thought about how to work him into my Second Class story, and I realized that maybe he could back off from actual villainy for a bit and just picket the headquarters of the Black Moon Maidens with hate signs.  But then I realized -- Second Class happens before Four Weddings and Nine Hundred Funerals, and in the second story he's a brand new villain that nobody's heard of.  Perhaps before that he was just a hateful pastor.  Perhaps he's already picketing Maiden headquarters, and because of the events in the story, decides at the end to become a villain.  So he's not really tied in to the main plot or subplot of the story, he appears to be just a distraction, but he's a growing threat that will appear later.  ^_^

Anyway, over the weekend I finished up Grandpa Anarchy 101, and then by this morning had also finished Funeral For A Friend.  So that makes six stories in the last seven days.  ^_^

Nursery Rhymes  8/1  969 words
Punchathon 8/2 1,184 words
Time Waits For No Ninja  8/3  1,507 words
Fairytale Physics 8/5  1,447 words
Grandpa Anarchy 101  8/7  1,637 words
Funeral For A Friend  8/8  1,352 words

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